Plug for People who Don’t Know What to get People

15 12 2008
mmmm, steam

mmmm, steam

About three months ago, I posted about Steve presenting me with a steamer.
Now, I’m sure a lot of you are like “steamers are lame”.

Let me tell you that if this steamer wore socks, they would be knocked off.

Why do I love, LOVE, this contraption?
Let me count the ways
1) I can make rice AND shrimp at the same time.
2) Ease of use/cleaning makes it wicked easy to get my veggies
3) Reheats pasta
4) Seasoning the water while it boils transfers taste to whatever
5) It’s cute
6) Dumpling/Potsticker without the frying

Listen interwebs, I am telling you that if you have someone who even likes to cook a little and you don’t know what to get them, give them a moose steamer.

Thank you.



7 responses

15 12 2008

Very Nice…I recently purchased a rice cooker that will steam veggies etc.

SB Sez: Swoon, right?!

15 12 2008
Melissa the most awesome person you know oh yeah that's right

Dude…our number 6 meal was awesome.

SB Sez: up until I realized that it was dried on the top part…

15 12 2008

This is alright as long as it isn’t wrapped under the tree as a gift from a man to a woman. I woman can get this for another woman, but i ma so against this things as gifts. If she needs something, then we get it…but I am very careful not to call it a gift.

For us the steamer has made vegetables even better. The kids will even eat squash!

SB Sez: Oh, see, I didn’t NEED a steamer, but I considered it a gift because he knows how much I enjoy cooking and how I want to cook healthier. Mmmmm, I made soybeans last night.

15 12 2008

i’m afraid of you. a STEAMER? that might be worse than my waffle maker. i’m going to host a poll on the most absurd kitchen appliance people own. it will be hi-larious. thanks for the idea.

SB Sez: Meh! Jealous! Waffle-maker?!?! You probably don’t even make waffles.

16 12 2008
Melissa the most awesome person you know oh yeah that's right

P.S. My mother and I refer to these types of things as “kitchen porn”.
We were hanging out on Saturday and a commercial came on for a George Forman grill that can be converted into a griddle, and an omlette maker, and something you can even bake a frickin’ cake in (plus more).
Now, I realize I can do all of these things within my current kitchen, with things I already own.
Does it stop me from wanting this thing? Nope, not at all.
Kitchen Porn.

SB Sez: “Oh yeah baby, you make me a fritatta and while I’m eating that, I want you to make me a steak and then a mini-apple pie. You naughty naughty oven-roaster-toaster-grill you.”

16 12 2008

i’ve NEVER made a waffle and am PROUD of it. (unless it’s an EGGO.) ahahahah

SB Sez: I KNEW it!

16 12 2008

I LOVE my waffle maker! Really!

PS: That steamer looks AWESOME. I love my rice maker, but a steamer I do not have. I just use a pot w/ an insert on the stove. Yours looks way easier and cute too. Thanks for the heads-up!

SB Sez: Clearly, Nat did not get the “steamers kick ass” memo.

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