Stages of Pre-Christmas

11 12 2008


Did I mention we make our own beer?

Did I mention we make our own beer?

Garland Lab

Garland Lab

"happy" lab and mom

"happy" lab and mom

Reindeer Garland Lab

Reindeer Garland Lab

Garland Ornament Lab

Garland Ornament Lab




4 responses

12 12 2008

oh, poor pup-a-roni!!! how could you do that do b? (i don’t know what i’m saying–when i was in college, my sister and i wound a string of lights around our cocker spaniel!)

the tree looks good..better than mine–oh, wait..i don’t have one. ahahhhaah.

SB Sez: I envy your treelessness. Sigh. b actually likes the attention and she only looks upset because she was throwing her head back to kiss me.

14 12 2008

You tree and Bailey look great! Glad you got into the ‘spirit’.

SB Sez: I wasn’t/isn’t feel too spirited, still, however there’s something about wrapping a dog in garland that bears smiling.

15 12 2008

Ya know Bouncy my dear this is why dogs bite people 🙂
Unless of course you fed puppy the homemade beer first!

SB Sez: Look at that face… does that look like an angry puppa? nooo, so LOVES the attention.

16 12 2008

Love! Love! Love! your ornate lab! Bless!
You two together look so blimmin’ happy too!
I think the reindeer look is definitely in!

SB Sez: “Blimmin'”!!!!! Beesess says thank you.

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