What is My Problem?

9 12 2008

I’m not a holiday (read: Thanksgiving-Christmas) kinda girl.
Don’t know if I ever really was.
Anyway, this year, for whatever reason, I am feeling especially bah humbugish.

Christmas’ past, Steve chopped down the tree, I festively decorated and he hung his handful of ornaments.
This year, he WANTED to decorate the tree while I would have been happier to put the tree in the yard.

‘snot that I’m in a bad mood or anything, I’m just totally not feeling festive.  At All.

“You want extra ornaments to decorate the other planter?”,  he asks, remarking that it was “cute” that I hung bulbs from one of the potted plants.
“Where’s your Christmas spirit?!”, he asks, coming to me to hug me (which he hardly ever does).

And then we wrapped Bailey in garland and ornaments.
(I left the camera & cord at home)




6 responses

9 12 2008
Melissa the most awesome person you know oh yeah that's right

I feel you sister, and offer you this:
I promise to support you at the SMS Xmas shindig. You can pinch me instead of punching her. You can drag me into the garage and yell at me and pretend I’m her.

I am also available for adult beverage indulgence to help us get through this trying time.

SB Sez: I say we shift the blame from ourselves and say it’s the lack of snow. I second consumption of “holiday spirit”. Now, to come up with a secret code that announces “snap impending!”. CA-CAW-CA-CAW!

9 12 2008

Hah! Melissa is a true friend.

Sorry you’re feeling so blah. Some years are just like that.

PS: Try eating cookies. Always works for me. Eggnog only works if it’s heavily spiked.

SB Sez: Investment Advice: Buy stock in Bailey’s Irish Cream. Cookies sound good… I love gingerbread… perhaps I shall search someones site for a cookie recipe. ‘lissa is a REALLY GOOD TRUE AWESOME friend.

9 12 2008
Mr. Bill

Please see yesterdays blog for insight. Holidays are in the hearts of children. To keep festive you MUST be willing to let your inner child out. This my dear sweet daughter is why your parents will NEVER grow up. I had pie for breakfast, but I did my yard work, can I go play now?

SB Sez: I didn’t get pie for breakfast! MOOOOOMMMMM!!! DAD’S TAUNTING MEEEE!!!

9 12 2008

I just get the darn tree out of the attic, pull it out of the frickin’ box and try to make sure the f*cking lights work. How the other stuff gets on there…no idea.

After Christmas, do the same thing in reverse order!

SB Sez: You wanna sit with ‘lissa and I at the “Liquid Holiday Spirit Table”?

9 12 2008

Bah. I still have 2 weeks to decide if I want to pull out the Wal-Mart tree and put it up or not.

SB Sez: Two weeks is a long time.

10 12 2008
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

The cookies were a STUPENDOUS idea.
I picked up a few gingerbread men last night, and today, 100% improvement!

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