“Are We That Old?”

8 12 2008

Before decorating the tree, we were flipping though the channels and ran across some show on MTV called “The Woody Awards”.
While I thought that it would be odd that MTV would be showing awards for pornography, the “Woodies” were for “indie”/”college radio” music.


Steve says, “Who are these people?”
“I dunno… looks like that guy just got out of bed.”
“Do you know who this is?”
(I typically am pretty good with music) “No clue”
And the band finishes their song and there is an award for “Best New Band” and last years Best New Band comes out to present the award.
“Was this the band that was just on stage?”, I ask Steve.
“Sure looks like it.”
The presenting band points to the side of the stage where the band that was just playing is waving.
I mention that I guess it’s two different bands.
The TV shows the nominees for Best New Band and we’re pretty sure it’s the same five guys playing different parts of the same song.
“Are these all the same guys?”, he asks.
“I dunno… I guess so?  I mean, they all look the same and all dress the same.”
Steve says, ” ‘Everyone else had to work tonight, so if you guys could show up…’ ”
“Yeah, I guess we can like, give you an award or something… Oh My God… are we this old?”
“We sure are.”

Get off my lawn.




5 responses

8 12 2008

I am SOOOOO going to be that old guy in his boxer shorts chasing kids off my grass with a shotgun in about 20 years.

I can’t wait!

SB Sez: I hear that! I’m looking forward to peering out of my windows, spying on the kids across the street.

9 12 2008

My favorite “Oh my god I’m Old” moment was last summer at a record store…Flipping through some old vinyl and found some vintage Clash records. The Clash was the first concert I ever went to and have since held a special place in my heart. As I’m inspecting the quality of the record, one of the store clerks came up behind me and said “Thats a great band to check out if you are just starting with punk rock”. He looked to be about 17, skinny jeans, oddly fitting t-shirt, hair all over the place, but mostly in his face. I had to suppress the urge to grab him by the ear and say “Listen sonny! I saw this band long before you were a twinkle in your daddy’s eye!”

SB Sez: LolZ! The fact that you were checking the quality of the vinyl should have been enough for “Brenden” (or whatever trendy name he had) to leave you alone. You can hang out with us at the old folks home where we will talk about scars from eyebrow rings.

9 12 2008

don’t worry…even when i was in college i didn’t know the “college music”–and i worked at the radio station.

i have my finger (barely) on the pulse of today’s music only because my students prattle on about it and i’m compelled to seek it out so i don’t seem so helplessly out of fashion.

i have some death cab for cutie on my ipod…i admit it.

SB Sez: I mean, I CAN NOT tell the difference from one band to another… that’s what scares me. And what’s up with the kooky band names?

9 12 2008
Mr. Bill

… sitting in a nursing home, necks and backs aching, some kid in a leather screaming, screaming…

SB Sez: are you just saying that or did you see that at the bottom of the post? “Sitting in a nursing home, necks and backs are aching, sight and hearings fading and I just can’t seem to get it up.” Hm, I see why you left that last part out off.

9 12 2008
Mr. Bill

Sight and hearing fading, those are a givin. Are you over 30 already?

SB Sez: Bite me.

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