Oh Bother, the Weather

5 12 2008

Stephanie, Wednesday: Shweet, light snow in Erie for the weekend… mid-twenties… can do.

Stephanie, Thursday: Okay, snow showers in Erie. no bigs.

Stephanie, three minutes ago: Shit. ‘sprobably not good that the ENTIRE THRUWAY to Erie is smothered in blue (which is snow for those of you who are not radar-savvy)

The Mister and I have been together for seven years.
In these seven years, there are things I’ve come to accept, like the fact that his mom CAN NOT DRIVE.
Not like, unable, but she’s a TORRIBLE driver.
How bad?
So bad that when his ‘rents went to visit my ‘rents, my Dad called me and made me promise never to let Steve’s Mom drive me anywhere.

Last year, I put the cabash on her driving during rain/dark/snow/sunshine as she basically comments “I can’t see!” the entire trip.
It’s about an hour-and-a-half to Erie and I can’t read/distract myself in the car without getting ill, so I drive.

This year, as an added precaution, I’ve brought along my DS for his mom to use. Presuming the apple does not fall far from the tree, I should be able to have a silent sleigh ride…

Here’s to having a martini upon arrival.

Have a good weekend!




3 responses

5 12 2008

Better make that a double…

SB Sez: Holy crap, the growler didn’t even really help. Until I update, let’s say that it’s 8pm and I’ve already been up for fourteen hours.

5 12 2008
Melissa the most awesome person you know oh yeah that's right


Not like, unable, but she’s a TORRIBLE driver.

What’s Torrible? A cross between horrible and terrible?

SB Sez: that is exactly what torrible is.

8 12 2008
Mr. Bill

We are not even sure how comfortable we are with you walking close SMS…

SB Sez: Your fears are well founded.

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