Dear Cracker Jack,

4 12 2008

Dear Craker Jack,
President Alexander Hamilton does not qualify as a “surprise inside”.
Nor would I have been able to guess that Alexander Hamilton was the surprise.
I still want my tattoo.



4 responses

4 12 2008

What??? No Tattoo???

SB Sez: I know! Right?!

4 12 2008

Maybe there is some thing left at the bottom of the box…that is not a prize!

SB Sez: I ate my way through the bag. nada. The only thing left was disappointment.

4 12 2008

what about a mini-plastic toy soldier or something? cheap-o cracker jacks. bummer.

SB Sez: So disappointing.

15 06 2010

“President Alexander Hamilton”.

Apparently, that surprise was targeted correctly as it would benefit you most. Question: “Who preceded Alexander Hamilton as President?” Hint: It wasn’t Ben Franklin.

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