The Plight of the Lowest Men

26 11 2008

While most of the nation gets to stay snuggly in their beds on Friday, The Canadian, Pronoun and I will be at work.

me: So, what time should I get the keg here by?
The Canadian: Uh?
me: Is eight am too early?
TC: A keg?
me: Yeah, I mean, it’s Pronoun, you and me here Friday…
Boss, cutting through the kitchen: Drat, you’re one player short for a game of euchre.
TC: Euchre?
me: It’s a card game.
TC: Ohhhh.
me: I’m only good at “Go Fish” and “War”.  I’ll bring in the Scrabble board or Cranium.

Tomorrow afternoon, I will get the following questions asked about twenty times:
“Are you pregnant yet?” (in their defense, the “winter coat”  has come in early, but it’s not like I can go to the gym with an open, yet almost healed, back wound.)
“Why aren’t you pregnant?”
“Are you going to have kids before I die?”
“Do you have to work tomorrow?”
“Are you going shopping tomorrow?”
“Why?” (added a second time to cover being asked “why” over fifty times)
“What do you want for Christmas?”
“Are you going to see your parents/grandparents for Christmas?”
“What time are you coming over on Christmas?”

And as soon as we drag home from Grandma’s, Steve starts with the “Can we watch Christmas Vacation/Elf/any other holiday movie??!?!”  as I have a strict No-Christmas-Until-After-Thanksgiving rule.

So, Dear Reader, are you “working” Friday?  Are you going shopping Friday?  Do you have any “Holiday Rules”?  Why aren’t you pregnant?!?!



8 responses

26 11 2008

HAHAHH!! You poor thing…..

Happy Turkey Day anyway babe!

SB Sez: MWAH! happy carb day to you as well!

26 11 2008
Melissa the most awesome person you know oh yeah that's right

I miss you. and heart you. And…you know….

SB Sez: you can send me love letters from your cozy blankets while I try not to set Pronoun straight.

26 11 2008

Yup, I’m working on Friday, but that’s hardly noteworthy, seeing as I’m in a different country and all. The pregnancy thing is proving to be more of a challenge, because I’m nearly 40, I haven’t followed a particularly healthy lifestyle and I’m a guy.

SB sez: all I hear is “excuse excuse excuse”

26 11 2008

Are you “working” Friday? 1/2 Day.

Are you going shopping Friday? Hell NO!

Do you have any “Holiday Rules”? Not to talk to me.

Why aren’t you pregnant?!?! Missing a uterus.

SB Sez: I’ll be bah humbugging over by the vodka if you care to join me.

26 11 2008

Off on Friday, Yes I am going shopping at 6am because the husband and I are dorks, No Holiday Rules, our house is half decorated already….I am pregnant and damnit it’s scary and nothing to rush into until you are ready!

SB Sez: dorks of the world, unite! On the pregnancy thing, we were talking about that the other night… like, even if someone is ready, we presumed they’re not really ready. Good to know that we were right!

26 11 2008

a. NO WORK on friday. 🙂
b. NO SHOPPING on friday. :b
c. our only holiday rule is “NO TREE” ( one day soon i’ll explain)
d. NO!!!! i’m not pregnant. i just ate too much lasagna (and cake, and pie, etc etc etc)

SB Sez: pppfffffftttt. And I like your no tree rule. those things are a pain in the ass.

26 11 2008

Oh you are soooooo right! The closer it gets the more nervous I get. I’m getting pretty close to freak out mode and think I may need some anxiety meds very soon!

27 11 2008

a. No
b. No way
c. Pumpkin pie is a must…and cool-whip is even mustier (that doesn’t sound so good).
d. You think that question goes away once you have a kid…but it seems like you get asked about the next the minute you pop one out. Bringing up infertility usually shuts people up.

SB Sez: mmmm, pumpkin pie. And for answer d, my new response is “he’ll be lucky if I let him touch me after the first one. ‘I know what that things does!'” We tried infertility a few years ago…

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