21 11 2008

I was in the sun for this shot, so it looks like the left part is missing (but it’s not).  Also, my dad took the photo, so it looks like someone took the photo.



Now, take into account the following
1) My skin is wicked sensitive
2) It’s like not even 7am
3) My camera was set on the table while Bailey was asking to come inside
4) I just applied A&D ointment (thus the shine)



So far today, I feel 100% better than yesterday, but alas, I haven’t quite moved around a lot.




4 responses

21 11 2008
Melissa the most awesome person you know oh yeah that's right

Looks great!

SB Sez: Meh, the photo didn’t come out like I thought it would… oh, and then the stem got stuck to my shirt during the ride in. I can think of 50 things more fun than that.

21 11 2008

very pretty daisy!

SB Sez: aw, thanks. i’ll see if I can get a better shot tonight.

21 11 2008

I love daisies…any special significance?

SB Sez: Well, kinda/not really. I knew I wanted this tattoo when I was 12. Really. By the time I was 19, I still wanted it. When I got it done the first time, I was going through a VERY hard time and I thought it was very fitting as the idea is “even in death, there is beauty”, thus the wilting. The circumstances this time are 100% different, so while the sentiment is still there…

21 11 2008

ouch. i’m wincing. i’ve been playing with the idea of a tiny strawberry or ant (for anthony)…but can’t quite work up the nerve. AND i have no clue where to put a one anyway.

SB Sez: The ant idea is CUTE! I put mine where I’ve always had the most, um, padding… my hip 🙂

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