Really, This is it for a While (today)

13 11 2008

The Mister: “Remind me to stop at the bank”
me: “Stop at the bank”
“I mean later.”
“Is it later now?”
-time passes-
me, while en route to the bank:“Stop at the bank.”
“On it boss.”
“Aren’t you going [to Montreal, Quebec] in like, three more days?”
“Yes, but I need money now.”
“Fur what?”
“Well, bowling and I owe a guy at work twenty bucks.”
“YOU owe someone money?  Praytell?”
“I bought you a Thanksgiving gift.”
“OOOHHHH!  Wait, since when are we supposed to give gifts for Thanksgiving?”
“No.  I just got you something.”
“OH! Is it an alpaca?!”
“Is it two alpacas?!”
“By the time I got there, they were all sold out of alpacas.
“Drat.  Is it popcorn?”
“No.  It’s not food.”
“Is it a book?!”
“Would you tell me if it was a book?”
“But it’s not.”
“Is it a kitten?”
“Dear god!  NO!”
“Was a kitten?”
“Is it a box of second-grade beef hearts?”
(unconvincingly) “Uh-nooooo.”
“Is it something that I want?”




8 responses

13 11 2008
Hayden Tompkins

LOL, is it something I want!

SB Sez: In his defense, he’s pretty good with the gift giving… I’m trying to figure out what I want that’s fund raising and $17.95.

13 11 2008

“Was it a kitten?” lol
love it!
Is it something smelly?

SB Sez: The most I got out of him was that it’s something I’d sit around. argh!

13 11 2008
Melissa the most awesome person you know oh yeah that's right

I can totally hear this conversation. Its so you guys.

Why won’t he just buy the damn alpaca already????

SB Sez: The latest reason is “we’re not zoned for alpacas”. pfft.

13 11 2008
Melissa the most awesome person you know oh yeah that's right

Wait, candle? Maybe a pumpkin-y candle?

completely unrelated: did his birthday shirt fit him?

Why am I asking you questions on la internetz when I’ll see you in an hour?

SB Sez: Consensus agrees, we thinks it’s a candle.

13 11 2008

an alpaca? aren’t they sheep-like things? or goats? or something? llllallllmas? i’m not such a good student of agriculture…sorry.

i think he got you some wrapping paper…or a hamhock. that’s what they sell around my office. mwa hahahha.

SB Sez: Alpacas are Llama Llike. A hamhock? (which I read as “hammock” and I’m like, dude, an $18 hammock? pass!) He said it wasn’t food. And it’s not a craft.

13 11 2008

i’m a guy… i know how he thinks… it’s actually something HE wants but is giving it to you as if YOU want it so he gets points for gift giving, but gets to play with whatever it is… got it?

SB Sez: That’s what I was kind of thinking too, but he’s the straight forward type that is like “I totally bought myself something.”

14 11 2008

HAHAHAHH! Too cute. Hope you get something great.

PS: you KNOW gnuguy still wants you.

SB Sez: I’ll hopefully be deeeeeelighted. If all else fails, I know I’m getting an “architecture of Montreal” book.

14 11 2008

Cookie Dough??? Our local schools are selling frozen cookie dough stuff as fund raisers.

hmmmm…an alpaca…are you going to knit with it???

SB Sez: ‘snot food… And THANK YOU, someone who realizes what an alpaca is good for!

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