Apparently Even My Subconscious is Excited

13 11 2008

Well, by this time next week, I will be freshly re-inked.
I’m more excited than nervous, which like, never happens to me.
How excited am I?  Well, I dreamed about it last night.

Cue: soft, gentle, sleeping music
I walk into the shop and I’m hardly even in the chair and the process begins.
My parents are there and Dad ends up paying for my session.  (reality check: I am 29.  I would never expect my parents to pay for my modifications.)
It hurts 100% less than I remember.
For some reason, my shirt is all the way off (reality check: it’d just need be tucked under my bra as my tat is on my hipish) and the artist says that she can fix the discoloring of my shoulder.
Before I know it, she’s making swoopy rainclouds from my spine to the middle of my shoulder blade (reality check x2: I am not getting any new ink.  I would not be brave enough to ink my shoulder blade.) I see the white and gray inks splattering onto my arm; I have my arms crossed under my chin.
Meanwhile, I fall asleep.  While being [dreaming about being] tattoed.
When I wake up, my original ink is corrected to how it should have been the first time.




3 responses

13 11 2008

I have always wanted a tattoo. More so after my mum died but for some reason the stern side of my personality won’t allow it to happen!
Ah well!

SB Sez: How’s this for odd… When I got her done in 1998, I was supposed to go in around the middle of November. However, a dear friend of mine passed and I bumped up the appointment because the pain in my heart was so heavy, I wanted to make sure I could still feel other things. ‘scuze me, I have something in my eye….

14 11 2008


SB Sez: I’ll see if I can find the picture that was taken a few days after the original was done. (ah, to be young and skinny again) And OF COURSE there will be photos to scare away anyone who wants a tattoo. Few things deter like bloody, cakey, oozy, red tattoo skin. None of that LA Ink showboating here.

14 11 2008

*erases original comment*

I think a subtle “Never Mind” will suffice just fine, thankyouverymuch.

SB Sez: so these two chicks are half naked in a tattoo shop…

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