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11 11 2008

After what could only be described as MONTHS of putting-offedness (Exactly six months, actually) I have decided that this weekend is Re-Paint the Ugly Bathroom weekend.  I have not yet decided on colors: two?  Three?  Green?  Green-blue?  Blue?  Brown?  Light brown?
I also have no fixtures on the vanity (still).
Should I paint the vanity?
Let’s consult a martini.

Ms. Pronoun has an serious case “OverShareitis”.
The manifestation was, um, overwhelming yesterday and I’m formulating ways to tell her “look, that’s not something that you should be sharing with people in the workplace.” (but sounding less like a bitch, natch).
Oh, the things she has told me… remember, I’ve been here two months… her sex life, how she likes to take “it”, dirty cell phone photos/jokes, “female” issues, student loan debt, money issues.  Oh, tip’o’the iceburg.

Starting to notice the Sirius/XM merger.  My favorite station (“new wave”, Fred on 44) is even better than it was before… thank goodness someone is finally giving early industrial the props it deserves.

Next Wednesday I’m getting my tat re-inked!
Seeing as she’s ten years old (holy crap!  what?) she’s due for a touch up.
Not really that nervous about it… still banking that the artist is going to be able to fix my ink up.
There’s nothing aesthetically wrong with my ink, it’s well, the idea was a wilted daisy and the photo I found was a purple coneflower.  Subsequently, my ink looks more cornflower (pointed petals, larger yellow/pollen thing, purple leaves) than daisy (round, white petals, flat pollen thing).
The un-herbal call it a daisy, the trained eye knows it is an echinashia.



4 responses

11 11 2008

OverShareitis in the workplace is just plain ugly. Ms Pronoun should rather start a blog, as Nature intended.

SB Sez: That would require a skill set that she does not possess. Though she’s not the bottom of the inept barrel. Jobs ago, someone asked that I check their positioning of labels on file folders. Yes, really.

11 11 2008

What? you got a tat when you were 13? imagine…

…and whatever colors you use to re-tat? that’s what the bathroom should be, too…

Sb Sez: Aw, aren’t you as sweet as a ten-pound bag of sugar! I can not have a white, green and yellow bathroom; it’d clash with my kick-ass shower curtain.

12 11 2008
Melissa the most awesome person you know oh yeah that's right

Partner in crime available to assist where needed, captain.

SB Sez: This is my ‘lissa. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

21 11 2008
Mr. Bill

Ms. Pronoun, was she flirting with you?

SB Sez: Sad thing is, I think she is. Ten foot pole please.

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