First Recipe of the Season: HiJacked Chili

10 11 2008

HiJacked Chili
1 packet of Chili Mix of your choice
1 pound (more of less, depending how you like it) beef (or protein of choice)
3/4 Bottle of “spicy” pasta sauce (this chef used “Wegmans DiValio”)
1 can seasoned Chili Beans, undrained
Frozen corn to taste

1. Add all items (less jalapenos) to pot and simmer on low for the better part of an hour.  Stir occasionally.
1a. My beef was frozen, so I dumped everything (less the jalapenos) into the pot to defrost/cook.
2. 20-30 minutes before you’re ready to serve, stir in jalapenos.  Continue to simmer.
2a. The Mister added Frank’s Hot Sauce (for taste) to his.
3. Serve.




3 responses

10 11 2008

Jalapenos! Lovely! How do you say that… is it J-A-L or is H-A-L? I’m not sure. When I order it at a food court I just mumble the first part of the word.
Franks Hot sauce? Is it like Tobasco?

SB Sez: well, we’re a bit goofy, so we say it like “Gel-aup-e-nohs”. I do believe it’s acceptable to say “Hall-a-peen-oh”. Frank’s is like a Tabasco… it’s a bit milder and doesn’t quite remove all of your taste buds 🙂 we use it for sauce Wings, er, “Buffalo Wings”.

10 11 2008

HAL – like HALITOSIS. Hahaha – I LOVE jalapenos! Chili sounds yummers.

SB sez: mmmmm, peppers. I LOVE Hungarian peppers even more then jalapenos.

11 11 2008

dude, i’m posting my chili recipe…with pictures sometime soon. you should try serving it up to the mee-ster.

SB Sez: The Mister LOVES chili. Especially when I make it.

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