Without Creating TOO Much of an Uproar… Not Likely…

7 11 2008

Most of you who know me know that I’m not overly religious.
Or conventionally religious.

(You can choose to follow the blather after the jump)

So, I guess, my question is (and “preachy” answers will be erased because I said so), with so many unfair, unkind, awful, wrong, painful, unjust, et al in the world, where is “The” higher power?
Yes yes, “close one door, open another”, I get it, I get it.  “Everything happens for a reason”, blah blah.

The movie below (bottom below) seems to be making it’s rounds and I finally took six minutes to watch it.
Intrigued, I found the site that the family started and they’re all “we were blessed” and “what god gives, god takes away” and I just CAN NOT see how you (being the general “you” and not “you, you”) can be okay with that.
You go to church, you read the Bible, you say your prayers, give your penance, go to confession, are kind to others and then God “blesses” you with a family, only to take it away, to cause you such pain??!

Perhaps it’s a bit of Old Stephanie that doesn’t really want to leave yet, but I can’t get how you can be jipped by God (whichever you believe in) and still go to church and “That’s okay, it was God’s doing!”.
So, if God wasn’t God and was like, I dunno, a crazy person, and they caused some horrible harm to your child/mother/etc., you’d still be “That’s okay!  They’re crazy!”?!?!
Wasn’t Man created from God?  In his vision?
(And we COULD get into the whole “(Insert horrible thing here) was nothing compared to Christ’s pain when he took on the sins of THE ENTIRE WORLD, FOREVER!” but we’re not.)

I don’t want you to think that I’m mocking you or disbelieving your beliefs.  I don’t think you would have made it this far if you were really offended… but how do you forgive and forget?
Not wanting a flame war (and squashing that as soon as it gets started) explain it to me.




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7 11 2008
Melissa the most awesome person you know oh yeah that's right

I have typed and deleted a response 18 times.

I guess the short answer is that I don’t get it either. I try to speculate, but…it is completely beyond my understanding.

Maybe it has something to do with watching that and feeling like my heart is in my throat.

7 11 2008

I have questioned this so many times! Being blessed with a pregnancy to have it taken away at 20 weeks. Then convincing myself that something was obviously wrong and so that’s the why. Then I assumed that this pregnancy would be different after all what kind of God would make me suffer something so horrible again. And no, I have not had to deal with the same problem yet but seriously. Couldn’t “God” make this time a simple piece of cake? Why more problems, why the unanswered questions? I do continue to go to church but, oh my faith has been tested.

I talked to a pastor at my church about how I was feeling and the only answer I really got was that it is actually not the work of God but the work of the Devil that God lets happen because of our (in the general form) sin. That still drives me insane. What kind of answer is that? WHY do some people get blessed many times and it seems like everything comes to them easily while others have it rough everyday. I just don’t get it, and while I do go to church….I guess I just do and hope that some day it will all make sense to me. So far not so much. The faith that I have has been tested so much but, I guess I just don’t know what else to do. I keep hoping that if I continue to believe something good will happen someday. I think religion just gives people something to put their faith in and hope that it will turn out better.

Very long but……………

7 11 2008

In other words I totally agree with you!

SB Sez: Truth be told… I was totally thinking about you when I was formulating this post… the fact that you (collective) still go do to church after having so much faith and so much pain. I didn’t see how you could do it. I mean, everyone’s different, but I just admired how strong you were to go back. A lesser woman would have turned her back years ago. And maybe she did.

8 11 2008

It’s a minefield. I try not to go there either.

SB Sez: there are times that things just knock around in my head for so long that they have to be exorcised.

8 11 2008

Dear Bouncy,

You do a good job of summarising the typical cliches that are used to explain it. I will touch on a few things here and offer a combined response that is partial to Christianity but not to any denomination. I will clarify that I grew up Catholic but have been exposed to many other forms of Christianity. I no longer actively practise, but do believe in God. And, it is all my opinion.

There are many aspects of it that I have heard used as justifications. I personally feel that the devil one referred to in reply #2 is a cop-out one that is used for the fear-inducing part of religion that is so bogus. This is a topic for another day.

Take a step back, and look at it from the traditional perspective. We are made in God’s image, and are only able to be on Earth due to Him and the fact that He gave His life up for us.

In essence, our short time on this planet is in order to serve Him. Primarily this is so that we may join Him when our time has ended.

Jesus, as the Son of God, paid the ultimate sacrifice. We, in our belief, are to trust and follow Him, no matter what. Think Moses and crossing the desert. This is where the whole “it happens for a reason” can be linked to. We may be forced to make sacrifices, and it may not be “fair”, however, it will be worth it when we are able to rejoice for eternity at His side in heaven. If we allow doubt to creep in as to God’s love for us (this is where the Devil comes in), we potentially risk losing our chance to be one with our Saviour. Note – it is ok to question why these terrible things might have happened, but ultimately we are to trust that there is a greater plan for us.

I have a lot more to say, but I think I will conclude here for now.

SB Sez: Everything you stated makes complete sense. I just have a hard time wrapping my head around the logic of “why”.

8 11 2008

there is no true answer to “why” that can be printed up and circulated… Bible or spam e-mail or poster…

i have no answers but for myself, as you should no answers but for yourself. it is the intrapersonal definition of ‘faith’. this is hard news to swallow as it places the responsibility solely on you (yes, ‘you, you’) to answer the same question you asked. of course, you should (must?) solicit input from sources both written and verbal and experiential. then synergistically mash ’em together to come to some conclusion where you have the most peace within yourself. for some that means you’re fucked because there is no peaceful answer. for others, it’s an easy answer to find what’s needed to have inner calm. for most (me included), you have to settle for “good enough’. i don’t like that, but otherwise i’d be going crazy trying to get to some answer.

peace, steph…

9 11 2008

i’m not even going down this road. to oversimplify, religion seems to be the root of all the world’s problems.

9 11 2008

As someone who has lost a child, I feel obligated to answer this question.

I find hope in the fact that there are people who – despite all – see good in the worst. Who face life with faith and acceptance. Terrible things happen every day. I don’t think anyone can explain why. To live through the darkest hours with the presence of grace and devotion – to be able to testify to the world that life is more than all this.. to be strong, to live with pain, to grow beyond it.. that, to me, is proof of the divine.

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