“You Never Listen to Me!” or “Fool Me Once…”

6 11 2008

(me) “Good Afternoon, Engineering Firm.”
“Um, yes, Hi.  May I speak with Trey, Trek, Trent Reznor*?  Or maybe you’d be able to help me?”  (in the form of a question)
“Could you hold for a moment?”
“Could you help me?”
“Let me see if Trent Reznor is available, one moment.” *hold* “I’m sorry, he’s not at his desk, can I put you into his voicemail?”
“No.  Technically, I can’t do that.  Perhaps you can help me. (this time as a statement) Is Trent Reznor’s title Director of Engineering?”
“That’s correct.”
“And is the address of your firm 123 Main Street, Anytown USA?”
“That is correct.”
“And what is your name?”
“And your last name?”
“Wait a minute, am I authorizing the purchase of anything here?”**
“No no, our publication is paid for by our advertisers.”
“And your title?”
“Administrative Assistant.”
“And as an, (reading) Administrative Assistant, you’re authorized to verify the firms address and make changes as necessary?”
“No.  That’s why I wanted to put you into Trent Reznor’s voicemail.”
“Thank you for your time.”

** It’s rumored that earlier in the week, the worlds most kick-ass administrative assistant may have had a slip of judgment while juggling piles of papers and
may have fallen for one of the “oldest tricks in the book” only to not be able to correct the problem herself, meaning she had to confess her sin to her boss and use letterhead to wipe the egg from her face.




2 responses

6 11 2008

but now you’ll be wise for the next time someone tries to sneak one past ya!

7 11 2008

It’s okay. At least you were honest! Have a good day today.

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