5 11 2008

I HAD to take a break from Newspaper Scouring… I can only look at so many newspapers for leads before my eyes melt.

Some things to note:
* Today is The Mister’s birthday.  He caught up to me and I enjoy approximate eight months where he can not call me his “old lady”.  He doesn’t read the interwebs (mainly because it does not have enough picture or diagrams) so I can say he will be happy with his booty, including the gag gift.  The Man is hard to shop for.
* I am craving salt like a mo-fo.
* The weather is deeeelightful here.  It’s been in the upper-sixties and will remain so until the weekend.
* I am (1,667 words a day times five days) 8,335 words behind schedule on NaNoWriMo.

* I am also three loads behind in iron-dependent laundry and do not ask me to find a pair of matching socks.
* My abs still hurt.  SubconsciousStephanie thought maybe it was some weird intestinal thing, but then I realized that the salt craving isn’t without reason.
* Despite having a swollen ankle (still) I really feel like I should make an effort to get to the gym today.
* Fingers crossed, next week I’ll be getting my ink re-inked.  She’s ten years old and due for a re-color.  I’m secretly hoping the artist can also correct the incorrections.
* My monthly Nightmare Plague is in full swing.  Nightmares=insomina=night sweats=up MANY times a night=exhasustion.  At least I was only up at 11:40pm, 12:15am, 2:17am, 4:17am, 5:15am, 6:00am and finally at 6:23am.  (that’s not bad for me)  I can’t remember all of last nights terrors, but I recall there being a robber outside the windows of the house (which is a hybrid between our house, the house I grew up in and my grandparents house) and being on the phone with the police telling them to hurry up.  If I could remember more, it’d make for great NaNoWriMo material.
* I should get back to work.
* Late Addition: While I did not vote for either of the Main Guys yesterday, I feel 100% better knowing that I voted for someone who agreed with me on most of the issues.




3 responses

5 11 2008

happy bday to the mee-ster. i can’t believe you’re doing the namaoaiewrekdsfp thing. i read about it and it scared me to death. i can barely cobble together 200 words a day for my blog. ahahha

SB Sez: if you can count my lack of participation thus far “doing” then yes, I am “doing” a stellar job.

5 11 2008

oh…and don’t even bring up the laundry. waah. the linen closet is BARE.

SB Sez: Where is dishy with her love of laundry?!?

6 11 2008

“…he will be happy with his booty…” I’m sure he will. Nhurhurhur.

SB Sez: Well I’m glad SOMEONE got that one.

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