Rants and Raves

4 11 2008

Here are some things that have irked me this week.

* (Our former) ChineseFoodPlace is slated to re-open.  The place is supposedly sanitized and someone has to go to a food safety course WITHIN SIX MONTHS and well, it’s a wonder I never got food poisoning; a quick web search showed the laundry list of violations.  I made a PB&J for lunch today.

* Sunday, we had The Mister’s Family over for the football game.  The annoyances were many:
*Steve’s Favorite Cousin has two kids (surprisingly, that’s not the bothersome). SFC sets up shop in my living room, pulling out some toddler books and My Little Ponies (still not the bothersome).  “Oh, I hope you don’t mind!”, SFC chirps. (yes, I’m infuriated that you brought something to entertain your kids with)
“No, no bother!”, says I, “I didn’t know if I should have pulled some toys out of the attic…”
SFC has this, thing, where she is like, insane about kids and how super-ultra-wonderful-exciting-fantastical they are.  I’m not doubting that, I’m sure chitlins are awesome.  SFC laughs and says, “Oh, just you wait, you’ll understand when you have kids; you bring toys everywhere!”
It’s pretty hard to offend me nowadays, but seriously?  WTF?  Are you implying that because I do not have children I COULD NEVER UNDERSTAND why ANYONE would bring TOYS with THEIR CHILDREN.
God, I am SO dumb!
* Steve’s uncles and kid were supposed to stop over, so Steve’s Mom made a HUGE thing of taco dip.  They didn’t show.  They said they were going to, but didn’t.
* SFC, et al, left before half-time and after food had been ordered.  When you say you’re staying for “The Game” isn’t that the whole game?
* SFC also stayed upstairs, keeping an eye on her kids, despite all the other adults being social in the finished basement.  Steve’s Mom loves kids and vice-versa.  Given the opportunity to have a conversation that doesn’t revolve around singing the alphabet and you bail?

* I thought the farmers market would still be going on, so I didn’t tell ask Steve to pick up any apples while at the grocery.

* I found pants I L-O-V-E.  They fit, they’re super flattering and I can not find them anymore, despite buying them like, two weeks ago.  NY&Co. 7th Avenue, high-waist, super flare Career Pants, I love you.  Not to mention that you fit me in a way which requires the purchase of a smaller size.

* People saying, “Um-hum” in a degrading/disbelieving way when you suggest something that is teh awesome.

*Sunday morning I went to the gym.  It is Tuesday morning, and my abs still hurt.  A lot.  And I’m going today before voting.



3 responses

4 11 2008

Wouldn’t it be nice if we were allowed to kill people who say, “you’ll understand when you have kids”?

SB Sez: oh and how. If she wasn’t his favorite cousin, I’d totally have a talk with him.

4 11 2008

I HATE the “Just wait” followed by something about kids…..I’ve been getting that a lot lately being that I am prego….I want to KILL EVERYONE that says….or I get the “You’ll find out soon enough!” Just cuz your kid is a crazy piss pot doesn’t mean mine will be…It’s called boundaries people…Oh gosh…..see what happens when I get started. Anywho—‘those’ people are annoying!

SB Sez: amen to that! “Have you had such-and-such yet? Oh, just you wait!” gggrrrrr. I think those people would rank right behind the random people who think it’s okay to touch the babyincubator. Dude, I don’t know you, hands off.

5 11 2008

Even people I know…It’s still weird! Normally people don’t just come up and touch me in my ‘squishy’ area!

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