Costume Surprise (um, not sure if it’s a good surprise)

29 10 2008

Okay, so The Costume Dilemma 2008…
How to make my [costume’s] head big, really big, without adding weight.

Methods attempted:
– Make a pocket and stuff with pillow lining
– Use cardboard to create a suspension system
– Fold extra fabric inside
– Use some kind of wiring to make a circle to fur over

Giving up and thinking maybe I should just go as a ghost, I talked with an artist friend and he came up with a contraption involving coat hangers and glue and cardboard and well, I had to shelf the idea when I realized I did not have any metal hangers.
So, I had one of those strokes of genius and decided to cut individual pieces of the big part, wrap them in faux fur and arrange in a pattern.
Well, except my pieces don’t really look like the model/inspiration and some are REALLY big and just flop over.
I look a little bit more like a sheepises then a Trent Reznor.  That’s okay though, because with the assisting schtick, I should be okay.

In my defense, I was holding a glue gun (yes, I own AND USE a glue gun) and was gluing items to my skull.

And then I ran out of glue sticks.

So, I’m pretty much done at this point, less for tail attachment and glove attaching (which won’t happen  until Friday anyway)…

Now, to figure out how to finish Steve’s in a manner that will be acceptable to The World’s Most Nit-Picking Man*.

*Seriously… for his Sir Galahad costume, he “had” to make his shield and cross to the same proportions as in the movie; including positioning of pieces and proper holding techniques.




5 responses

30 10 2008

Where can you find costume drama?
Only in Kenya!
Where can you stress yourself out over the size of your head?
Only in Kenya!

SB Sez: Hey now, I’ll take the drama where I can get it and if the size of my head is the most of my problems, so be it. Another Failed Method: Asked Steve to put his Ego inside the pocket-thing.

30 10 2008

You just made me laugh out loud.

30 10 2008

You just made me laugh out loud.

30 10 2008

Ooooh Cannot WAIT to see the pix!! Good luck babe!

SB Sez: Hopefully I can get everything coordinated to post before I go out for the evening.

31 10 2008

where are yooooouuuuuuu? are you feeling better?

SB Sez: Better? meh. I worked through a two-day migraine, so seeing as I’m not seeing double anymore…

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