Today’s Internal Conversation: Apres Work

23 10 2008

Following is another “rationalizing” conversation I’m having with myself regarding what to do after work.

  • Go to the gym!
  • Go home make dinner, make pumpkin cookies and finish the basement.
  • I told you to go the gym.
  • No.
  • YES!
  • You can work out with Gilad this afternoon.
  • You could use that gym membership you’re already paying for.
  • Meh.
  • Why bother charging your iPod if you’re not going to use it?
  • Just not feeling, gymmie.  Did you see how much weight I’ve lost WITHOUT the gym.
  • Is that an excuse?
  • Yes.
  • Go for cardio.
  • Hmmmm… but, um, the gym is so crowded!
  • And?
  • damn it.
  • It’ll be forty-five minutes out of your day, you can go home, shower and give your owl pants a proper reception.
  • That does sound awfully tempting.
  • See?
  • And then I can stop having internal discussions about going to the gym.
  • Remember that you already packed your clothes in the trunk.
  • That’s true, I did…


Looks like I’ll be re-acquainting myself with Various Contraptions of Evil prior to ruining baking pumpkin & cream cheese cookies.
(can you believe I’ve been here over a month WITHOUT bringing in some confectionery disaster?!)




4 responses

23 10 2008

Ummm… “Contraptions of Evil”? i’m a nearly single male who’s imagination is just running wild. either confirm and send me into testosterone-laden bliss or deny, letting me continue to let my imagination run wild because that’s what i WANT it to be.

SB Sez: I’ll never tell

24 10 2008

i would have went home and ate all the cookies. and then some ice cream for good measure.

SB Sez: Ice cream is not allowed in Mak Casa… mainly because I will eat it to the point of regurgitation… I have NO control with ice cream. If it’s not there, I can’t eat it. But I did partake in some batter and some Cookie Q.C.

24 10 2008

Oh god!!! I have had the same argument with myself for the past month. I seem to only utilize my gym membership for the free tanning these days! Maybe your inner voice should yell at my inner voice and make it kick my growing boo(ty) into gear!!

29 10 2008

hee hee – gnukid wants you.

SB Sez: Pffft, who doesn’t?? *hair flip*

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