Cartoon Stephanie Sums up her Feelings About the Weather

21 10 2008

(I can’t understand why I’m not an artist)
(I also can’t understand why only one store in my area has snow boots.  DO NOT WANT FASHION! NEED FUNCTION!)
(Snow boots must be tried on to make sure they can endure the trek)
(Oh, and it’s not like “no” snow boots, but I AM NOT paying $180 for shoes.  Unless they take me out to dinner first.)
(Why do I look like ET?)
(Wow, my shoulders are broad)




3 responses

21 10 2008

I really like cartoon Stephanie.

21 10 2008

Dude-ette, you live in Buffalo, correct? YOU NEED SNOW BOOTS!!

SB Sez: I do live in b-lo, but all previous employers have been a sticks throw from parking lot… and well, I had Steve to snowblow the driveway. This year, I’ve been landscape and grounds maintenance and with the nearly-mile-uphill-hike, well, it was time. I did purchase boots last night, justifying the price with the brand name, color and the finger-crossed-longevity.

21 10 2008

PS: I like cartoon bouncy too.

SB Sez: and I thought CB/S looked funny, and not ha-ha. Maybe she’ll have to make more appearances.

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