More Wholesome ‘weening

21 10 2008

A week ago, CWG posted about Halloween Costumes and how they needent be purchased.

I was trying to find the photo of my first realized Halloween but alas, it is MIA.
Draped in a white sheet and with some face paint applied, the story goes that before I went “twik er tweetin” the mirror was brought out and I scared myself.  I screamed, well, like a banshee.

Seems the more of these stories I tell, the more things make sense eh?

Years later, I went as the “typical” costume.

I loved wearing that witch hat and would long to wear it like other girls wore princess dresses.

Also worth mentioning is the cutting edge stereo system.

Yessiree, that would be a reel-to-reel audio device, a turntable (which I now own and listen to The Smiths on) and manual equalizer.
We were a bit of audiophiles.

Also also worth pointing out (despite the glare) is a “piano window”.

A little research told that the house (the haunted house as mentioned a few posts ago) was built in 1917.  The window is leaded stained glass.
Due to the type of glass that was used, the sunlight “dis”colors some of the pieces, making them rose-colored.
In my late childhood, Dad cut out this back wall and installed a patio door.
This window resides in my home now.
(Enough with the history)

A few years later, it was ’round about ‘ween time and I didn’t know what to be.
M&D watched an episode of Today where they were shown how to make a mouse costume.

and here is it.
And there I am.
Strutting in the annual Halloween parade as a square.
This costume lasted for YEARS and was transformed into a raccoon (new ears/striped tail) and eventually into road-kill (we painted a spare tire back and rolled it over the front and glued ants on) when the thing got too ratty.

Taking matters into my own hands (in between mouse/rat/raccoon/roadkill) I thought I had the most bestest idea EVER!

Idea: good
Execution: Poor
I was trying to look like Jason had removed my head and was carrying it around.

When I worked at the hospital (with kids) I decided to dress up as Tigger.

That would be a footed jammie one-piece, RIT dyed orange with black felt “stripes” and a furry tummy.
(man, too be so tiny again!)

In between I was a skunk, a mental patient and a scarecrow.

Then Steve and I started dressing up.

I’m “not a witch” and he’s Sir Galahad, The Chaste.  My “pointy hat” was lost over the evening.

to the left

(in case you’re not familiar, “I” am in the lower right.  your right.)

(and this would be “Steve”)
I made both of our costumes that year… infamously stapling his together as guests arrived…

The next year I toned things down, but made the plaid skirt.

“Mean Girls” was popular that year and, well, I don’t show up ANYWHERE in lingerie and animal ears, so a Catholic School Mouse seemed appropriate.




3 responses

21 10 2008

VERRRY CUTE! A+++ PS: what’s it gonna be this year bouncy??

SB Sez: “A+++”?!?!?! awesome. This year, well, you have to wait nine days 😉 besides that, I’ve been highly distracted and don’t even have it made yet…

21 10 2008

Great retrospective. Reminded me of a time i’ve tried hiding… when i dressed up for Halloween as a woman off to the opera, with a faux fur, heavy makeup, and more. it wasn’t until one of the places i stopped at thought i was a girl dressed up as a woman that i realized just how creepy that all was…

SB Sez: Um, I never understood why men dressed a women for halloween… Glad to help un-repress the memories. Where should I send the shrink payment?

22 10 2008

lurve the tigger….v. cute! you guys are pretty creative. i’m working on my costume as we speak. it’s either going to be really great or SUCK, SUCK, SUCKITY SUCK depending on how the makeup application goes.

SB Sez: that’s a lot of pressure to put on cosmetics.

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