Rhetorical Question of the Day

17 10 2008

Rhetorical Question of the Day:

What is it about being hustled by a bum that makes me have a tinge of guilt?
I mean, it’s not like total guilt like when we can’t pick up the (clearly) homeless dog from the side of the road…
But I mean, do bums think that yelling at you is going to cause you to have a change of heart?
Don’t know about you, but when someone who (may or) may not have a job calls me a “bitch” because I didn’t drop any change in his cup, it doesn’t convince me otherwise.
I’m thinking that if you’re  bumming as an occupation, perhaps you should at least put some effort into it.
Money is used as an exchange for goods and services and I feel like if I’m going to give you some change, make it worth my while.
Have a witty sign or do something hoboaborable.



2 responses

17 10 2008

I guess it’s just like in every walk of life, every occupation, or every life choice, there is always the minority who really don’t do themselves any favours.
Bums who shout abuse at potential ‘helpers’ really will have a less than half empty cup at the end of the day. But will they learn a lesson?

17 10 2008

A panhandler actually screamed F*CK YOU!!! after me the other day. He was PISSED b/c when he approached, I put up my hand and said Sorry Man, I’ve already given you money.

I had. Months ago. Blocks and blocks away. But same guy.

He did NOT like that response one bit.

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