Contest Semi-Results

16 10 2008

Well, ends up that out of the WHOLE TWO people who played, Michele and GnuKid were right.

(I do not have the proper photo thingies at the office)
I was the blond, bushy do-it-at-home-perm kid at the end of the top row.
I completely forgot that it was “SI for Kids” photo day, thus explaining the splatter-art sweatshirt and blue headband thing.
Your names will be going into the jar of doom this evening and I will contact Da Winna via email.
There were not takers on the super-hard bonus round, so I’m keeping the case of Turtle Wax for myself.

(Yes, this isn’t much better, I’ll see if I can finagle at home)
Our Mystery Person was none other then Hells Kitchen (4) contestant, Shayna.

See, we all had awkward phases.

For what it’s worth, we didn’t get along.




6 responses

16 10 2008

um, don’t i get credit for trying?! it was too much pressure. i’m bad at games. how did you end up in SI for kids anyway?

SB Sez: I think one of the boys entered our class in and well, this was early-nineties and I have a hard time remember what I had for breakfast… something about ‘write a response to this question’ and volia.

16 10 2008

and don’t worry that you only had 2 contestants. a while ago i did a pay-it-forward (giving away a free gift) and NO ONE entered. how cool is that?

16 10 2008

Woo-Hoo! I was right! It probably helped that I had the old 7th grade yearbook…..Just kidding I didn’t even look. 🙂

16 10 2008

why is that brown-haired girl on fire?

Sb Sez: Um, cuz she was on “Hell’s Kitchen”?

16 10 2008

lolz…no clue. (no tv).

COME PLAY ISKETCH TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! visit my blog for the gory details. 😀

17 10 2008

I am sad I missed the contest. Though I would have lost anyway, so… I guess I feel better?

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