Candy Neurosis

15 10 2008

After recieving a very anthrax-free package FILLED WITH CANDY, I skipped dinner and dipped into the booty.
Looking at the pieces, it occurred to me that each piece had it’s own way-to-be-eaten.

Heath: Indented at the end, chocolate broken off in chucks in a round-robin style then the toffee is saliva laden until the nutty pieces can be chewed.
M&Ms: Sorted (but we already discussed this)
Butterfinger: Similar to a Heath, but “naked” bar can be eaten as it (no “softening” needed)
Resee’s Cup: Ah, the bane of melty goodness!  The top crinkle bit is eaten first, then the chocolate sides, leaving a lop-sided disc.  Now, depending on my mood, I will eat a-la-ice-cream-sammich (whole bites to encompass all three layers) or oreo-esque (pop off top choco, eat PB, eat chocolate discs)
Snickers: My will-power, it’s crumbling!!!  noooo, these get eaten in the most efficent way possible- all at once.  No peeling, no melting just straight nomming.

DId I ever tell you that I like Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies topped with peanut butter and mircowaved for twenty seconds?
Or that I enjoy vanilla ice cream with fruit loops, chocolate syrup and beer?

Do tell, what wacky way do you eay certian candies?
Maybe you have something like the PMS Sundae…




2 responses

15 10 2008

YUM-MY! BOY oh boy, I’m awaitin for that special someone to just send me a whole honkin box of chocolates. PLEASE & Thank You, Chocolate Fairy.

My favorite candy bar experience is to freeze Charleston Chews and then crunch them into oblivion. DELISH!

15 10 2008

gee, dishy…maybe if you walk down to your post office and check your box all your dreams and wishes will come true.

bouncer…i am very persnickety about my the proper way to eat many things. i’m not sure how much time and energy you would like to devote to this topic.

i think i’ll just go eat some candy.

SB Sez: Candy fixes everything. And whatever it can’t fix, can be fixed with a punch to the head.

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