Talkin’ ’bout ‘tumes

14 10 2008

CWG posted about making Halloween costumes.

Dude, fun!

Being that’s late and I need to get back to my dreams where David Ducovney (sp? ‘ev.) wants to make a woman of me, here’s the first picture I was able to locate.

Stephanie, Circa 1995.

This is a scan from the yearbook (which explains the lack of appreciation of the Zone System despite being an arts school.
Anywho, here I am in my homemade Alice in Wonderland costume; pieced together from a white dress, some blue fabric and a bit of lace.
Oh, it was awesome… especially seeing as I sewed it on a treadle [sewing] machine.
I guess that explains why I ended up having to take out some of my seven-plus earrings and use them as makeshift safety pins as my costume unraveled throughout the day.




2 responses

15 10 2008

How cute are you????

SB Sez: tee hee, I’m just a girl!

15 10 2008

You look adorable!


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