At Least I Know When to Be Angry. And it’s not “All of the Time”.

13 10 2008

Preface: I haven’t done the angry letter thing in a while.  As I explained to my Partner-in-Crime, it’s two days later and I’m still miffed, so tomorrow, this goes in the mail.
Do you think there’s coin in complaint letters?

(of course there’s proper block heading… natch)

To Whom It May Concern:

Saturday, October 11, my friend and I decided to have dinner at your establishment.
Two patrons who were exiting the back dining area mentioned to the main host that the service and food were “wonderful, as always”. Not having eaten at Trent Reznor’s before, we were pleased to know we had made a good choice.

The host was very cordial and made us feel very welcome. Once we were seated though, our impressions changed quite a bit.

Our waitress quickly came by to explain the specials and take our drink orders.
After dropping off our drinks, she took our order (Hungarian stuffed peppers, a mushroom cheese burger and a bacon cheeseburger) and I had asked what she could suggest that would reheat well as my husband was working. She looked confused, so I asked how the Chicken Pot Pie would hold up and re-warm, she said it should be fine. I felt as though I could have asked the same question of any other entrée and received the same response; fish does not reheat as well as chicken. I asked that the meal be boxed.

The Hungarian peppers arrived and we were disappointed. They were not spicy and there didn’t seem to be any cheese with the sausage stuffing.
When the waitress came back to see how things were, my friend let her know that the peppers were not at all hot. The waitress then took a tone that we both interpreted as talking down/coddling. “Well, they come from Mother Nature and depending how the batch is, they may not be as hot as another batch.”, was the response from the waitress. My friend casually mentioned that perhaps the peppers should not be advertised as “hot”* if they may not be. The waitress didn’t have anything else to say except that she would bring me more water, which she did not.

When our entrees arrived, my burger was missing bacon and cheese. My friend’s beverage was low and I was out of water.
The burgers themselves were quite good and the fries were delicious.

Once the waitress came back with the boxes, she disappeared for quite a while. I was able to get the attention of another host and he asked how things were going. When I mentioned that I was still waiting for the check, he looked concerned and within a couple minutes, the bill had arrived.

We were both flustered at this point and I hastily signed the bill.

Upon arriving home, I transferred the chicken pot pie to another container and was disappointed to see that there were about two ladles of chicken stew and two biscuits. I was charged full price ($12.99) and was not given the option for a salad, soup or a side dish when I ordered or at anytime during the meal.

We do not believe we were demanding customers in the least, we didn’t ask for anything other then BBQ sauce and boxes; it did not feel as though our waitress valued our patronage.

In closing, we were not impressed with the service. While we will most likely return to try something from your martini menu**, I do not think that we will return to dine.

Thank you for your time,

Stephanie Mak

*From the menu “Hot and Good!”
** Um, hello, “Snicker ‘tini”, “Pom’tini”, “Key Lime Pie ‘tini”, why would we deny ourselves such goodness?!?




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