Let the Game Begin!

12 10 2008

Below is a scan of an issue of Sports Illustrated for Kids containing yours truly.
Here’s the (easy portion of the) game.
Find me in the photo.
Use location like “all the way to the left end of the third row”.
Out of everyone who guesses (hahaha) correctly, I’ll put your names in the Jar of Doom to figger out who wins the prize.

And for the bonus round (which is harder)…
In this photo is someone who became a reality show star.
Tell me who they are, where they are and what show they were on and I’ll find a neat something or other to send you.
(winner chosen the same as the “FIND ME!”)

Contest’ll close, um… Wednesday night?




5 responses

12 10 2008

i seriously spent whole minutes trying to figure out which one was you. i was able to eliminate most of the kids…and then compared your recent pics to this one. i’m at a loss. are you the one to the right of the teacher, hiding in the shadows??

SB Sez: Hmmm, perchance this was not as easy as I expected… P.S. “I WISH!” the person you’re talking about was gorgeous AND smart. oops…try again 🙂

13 10 2008

Not fair….I know the answer and I don’t qualify. S’okay, these people don’t get to have real life funz with you like I do. good weekend!!!!

SB Sez: You can play the bonus round, forgot to mention that you can do one or the other… do you have any idea how much I would save on postage?!?!

13 10 2008

Ooo… difficult… it’s either back row middle or back row far right…

Hmm… i’m going to go on a limb and guess “back row, far right”.

13 10 2008

You are all the way at the top, on the far right side in the pink shirt. Am I right?

SB Sez: Ohhhhhhh, I’ll never tellllll. Oh, wait, yes I will, TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!
Heeeeeeeeyyyyy, we went to grade school together! You should be able to get the bonus question then…

14 10 2008
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Wow, I totally didn’t think it would be this hard!

And no takers on the bonus yet….

(If you’re not very internets savvy, clicking on the picture should make it appear in it’s own window and clicking on it again should enlarge it… at least it does in firefox.)

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