Fall Voyage 2008

12 10 2008

After an evening of what some may consider “over-indulgence” ‘lissa and I started on the soon-becoming-annual-fall-day-trip.
Deciding that road rage would be worse without some caffeine, we stopped at “Orchard Perk Cafe” (hee hee, it’s in Orchard PARK…) for some morning goodness.
I am a sucker for pumpkin anything, so I ended up with a pumpkin spice coffee and then had to choose from this

(I opted, in true Stephanie fashion, a bagel)
And as we waited around for our food/drinks, I noticed this

“Regular Joes” at a coffee shop!  Cute!

After we caught our breath from going “Ohh” and “Ahh” for ten minutes, we hopped back in Ye Olde Trailblazer and headed towards this years event, The Letchworth State Park Arts and Craft Show.

The most of the tents were very cute (turkeys cut from logs) and some were very typical (homemade grocery bag sacks) but I wondered what THIS was doing there..

“Monkey Nut”?  Really?  Who named that.  And who agreed with them?  They should be sent to Stupid Island.

We wandered around The Most Confusing show layout ever and on our way back to pick-up Food We Don’t Eat When Our Boys Are Around, I snapped the foliage.

This Years F.W.D.E.W.O.B.A.A.

Hoorrrrrayyy!  Fried Onion!

After hauling our booty back to Ye Olde Trailblazer (once we located it, that is) we headed down to Mt. Morris Dam where I took all the damn pictures I wanted.

And I had ‘lissa take a photo of me on some large chair… I do not know why the chair is there, but everyone was getting photos taken on it.

After finding out way back to the correct end of the park, we were at the lower falls/gorge.

“Oh, here, take a photo.”

One last stop at another part of the gorge…

With the sun setting on what could only be described as a perfect day, hot air balloons took to the sky.

And, I picked up a free kitten!




One response

12 10 2008

Cute kitty!

Pretty pictures, love your expression in the maple leaf one.

But honestly, I have only two words to say:

P E R K Y T U R K E Y ?!?!?!?

SB Sez: We named the kitty “stripes” and he’s a bit stinky, but we love him. Thanks for liking my photos, I try to capture the je ne sais quois of whatever it is… and I bet a Perky Turkey kicks ass, provided you like turkey.

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