Is it me or you?

10 10 2008

Back in the days of purple/orange/yellow hair, I ADORED shopping at the thrift store AMVets.
It seemed like I was always able to find some jewel, a diamond in the rough… something that someone thought was “so last season” but it’s a non-acid wash pair of jeans, those never go out!
A couple times a year, they’d have half-off-everything sales and I mean, really, why pay fifty bucks for a pair of jeans to have to break them in and have them shrink in the dryer?!?
Last night, I was feeling saucy and decided to make a stop at the AMVets a township over.
I mean, hm.
Have my tastes changed?  I’ve always been a “classic look” kinda girl: jeans, non-printed/non-patterned shirts, plain sweaters, nothing bold or outrageous… I was hard pressed to find items.
I did end up with a black long-sleeve Gap shirt with some little (like, 2″x2″) geometric jewel design and a purple (IMAGINE THAT!) sweater.  I also needed to find Steve some Halloween costume supplies (he’s going as Ray Munson from the movie “Kingpin”) because I REFUSE to pay retail for pants that are a) ugly and b) going to be worn once.  I found a pair of blue polyester pants and some plaid pants.
I left feeling disappointed.

I mean, which one of us has changes?  AMVets or Me?
I thought classic was classic… maybe I was wrong.
Did I spend a large number of years in a delusional state, thinking I looked “okay” when I looked like a train wreck?

We’ll file this session  under: Non-Existent Complexes




One response

11 10 2008

ahhh. i remember those days. for me it was village thrift in north philly. sadly, it’s since been razed to the ground.

i am still a thrift shopping addict though. even when i have a hit-or-miss day. hang in there!

ps: also send well wishes – i am beyond sick. my throat. my accccchhhhing throat. ughh. 😦

SB says: Here, have some pomagrante tea with some honey. *ssspllurt**

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