Stephanie In The Office

9 10 2008

I get to listen to music at my desk.
If no one is around, I’ll play it a bit louder (the nearest person is probably thirty feet away, if not more).
Music is something I’ve always enjoyed and sometimes the music takes me away.
If it’s something I really like, I’ll mouth the words along or dance around while I’m filing.
Then, I’ll sit down to do some PC work and when I look over the top of my monitor, I remember that there are offices across the way (our building is shaped like a “U”).
With people.
And windows.
And no curtains.
And they’re looking this way and see a blond woman dancing around the front area.

Excuse me, “Goody Two Shoes” by Adam and the Ants is on….




One response

9 10 2008

Yeah, dancing makes me happy! You dance your heart out, you may just be making someone elses day besides your own!

SB Sez: I’m just waiting to see an office of people across the way huddled around the windows…

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