… And a Cherry on Top

8 10 2008

If your ears are ringing, it’s because I’m screaming in my head.

Last night:
Socked with (predicted) migraine- in bed by 8:30.
Cleaned fridge and freezer.  Found: Frozen turkey from 2-3 years ago.  Topps burgers. Two spoonfuls of whipped cream in tub.  Past expired salad dressing.  Two garbage bags later…

This morning:
Remnants of migraine.
Five miles of traffic on my eight mile commute.
Just missed the light rail (train); walk three-quarters of a mile (uphill) to work.
Impending rain is causing more pain in my ankle.

The only ray of sunshine is that my friend from Michigan is coming through this afternoon and we’re going to lunch.




2 responses

8 10 2008

Topps Burgers!!!! YIKES!!!! They used to be so good, why did they have to go and get mad cow or whatever it was they had. =(

Hope you feel better!

SB Sez: It was something like eColi so it just got buried in the back of the freezer where we forgot about them… he eats some weird ones that come in a black box. I’ll stick to Gardenburgers, thankyouverymuch.

9 10 2008

with the walk this morning, now you can skip the gym! 🙂 as for the freezer cleanout…i pretty much never have to do that because i don’t buy food. the ice cream i do buy doesn’t last long enough for a ‘freezer cleanout.’ mwha ha ah

SB Sez: I do that walk almost everyday unless it’s raining or I have a lot of pain. I can walk faster then waiting/riding the train.

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