Late Entry from The Wedding

6 10 2008

Steve’s predisposed tonight so hopefully I will be able to get some additonal photos from the camera and/or snag some from Steve’s cousin/mom.

I’m glad I was finally able to find a photo where he’s not all “BBBBBbeeeeeyyyyyahhhh!!!!*hick*!!!”




4 responses

6 10 2008

HEY BOUNCY!! You wanna be on my SLOBROLL?? I am getting tired of having to click thru from Curly’s place. And you are such a SLOB after all. Sassy Lady of Blogdom – of course!

PS: You two are tooo cute. I am tempted to say GGGGGGRRrrrrrrrr. But don’t tell anyone.

SB Sez: I can only assume that the SLOBROLL has slipper-socks, ice cream and boxer shorts. COUNT ME IN. Aw, look, I’m blushing! (From the honor and the compliment)

7 10 2008

I dunno, that thing at the bottom of the photo looks suspiciously like a BBBBBbeeeeeyyyyyahhhh glass to me.

SB Sez: Oh, it sure is, however, his tongue remained in his mouth for this photo.

7 10 2008

I have added you now —


7 10 2008

could you guys be any cuter?! hello…hubs has some serious blue eyes going on. you both look like you’ve enjoyed a few libations…lol.

SB Sez: Those blues get him out of A LOT of trouble. And we both enjoyed the evening… Craft Brewed Octoberfest on draft.

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