Picture Page! (Or ‘Renovation Update and a Wedding’)

5 10 2008

I’m been racking ye ol’ brain about how to show you how the bar has progressed without causing the entire internets crashing… I mean, we have been working on this since Fall/Winter 2005.  I’ll start from the begining (‘A very good place to start…’) so you can see how much we’ve done.
Here goes nuttin’.

When we purchased our house, the basement was separated into a living space and a mixed-use area; storage, laundry and workshop.

so this would be the wall diving the two areas… if you were over, you would have made a hard left.

And this would be the wall which hides the underside of the staircase.

And here is were Steve removed the wall which separated the living and storage area.
Check out that awesome wall board!
Ends up the previous owners attached it with liquid nails, which we cursed as the boards’ removal require a extensive amount of drywall repair.

To the far left is where we “hid” the furnace and hot water tank.
Steve hung all the drywall that you see.

A little (lie: a lot) of mudding later, I primed the bar back and side.

We decided to do a decorative painting technique called “color washing”.  And by “we”, I mean Steve said he liked it and I said I could maybe do it.
Last year I painted the following section…

(this would be the same wall as shown in the second photo.  Steve knocked out the wall under the staircase to we could tuck the TV away.)
Okay, so colorwashing isn’t too difficult, but it is time consuming and requires consistency so your walls don’t end up all crazy splotchy.
First thing you/I do is apply your base coat.

It’s hard to see, but the top 2/3 of the wall is yellow.
Two coats of base coat.
Then, when the base is dry, the paint company makes a special specific “colorwash” which seems really silly because you paint the wall with the wash, then you dabble it off with cheesecloth to lighten the color.
My biggest challenge was  making sure that the new section matched the pattern of the other section.

The detail is a bit hard to see in the light, but you can see it at the corner of the bar.

That’s a bit better.
The overall effect is very subtle… which is what we like.
After the wash dried, it was time to hang the cedar planks.
But not before having Bailey perform a parlor trick.

That being out of the way, it’s time to get high from liquid nail fumes!

And after the planks were attached as per Steve’s VERY specific instructions to follow the previous pattern… I attached the moulding and VOLIA!

Steve’s Cousin Gets Married
How’s this for a wedding site?

They were married at Knox Farm which was just BEAUTIFUL!
This is my favorite photo of the Bride and her Dad.

It was a bit windy, but she didn’t let that interfere… you could hear her laughing and I thought that was fantastic.
Because unlike some people she didn’t spend her entire ceremony crying and squeaking out her vows.
After the wedding, we took some family photos because it was such a nice day out.

(Yours Truly and her sober husband)
Getting all gussied up, we headed to the reception, which was at THE BREWERY!!!
With Craft Brews ON TAP!!!

That would be our table marker.
The couple candied apples and tied little leaves to the stem with guests names/table numbers.
After dinner, well, things got interesting.

(I’m buzzed, some people in this photo were a bit silly)
Do you hear that, sounds like something going downhill.

If this is any indication of my evening… Yeah…  I think they should show engaged couple photos of the other person in the bag and if you think you can take it, they’re yours.
This morning I mentioned that almost every photo he had his tongue out or he was making a ridiculously silly face.

I don’t know who this guy is (evident by the popular black-eye-bar) but I have two problems with him.
Number one: Jeans?  Seriously?  Have you never been to a wedding before?
Number two) You have a Mullet.  That is all.

I don’t know who this is either, however he looks like he’s having a REALLY good time.
About as good of a time as Steve had…
Let’s say he was on a diet of saltines and sleep.




2 responses

6 10 2008

Great job on the basement! That looks like a boatload of work. So you two should be super proud. The paint is subtle, but the effect is very nice, and the planks look professional. A+

Glad to hear the wedding was fun – we went to one Sat. night too. They had a photo “booth” set up and BOY WE HAD FUNNNNN. I am very interested in seeing the pics sober.

SB Sez: Steve estimates that we are 90% done with the walls so after a ceiling and some moulding installation, we’re ready to move on. I even restored the liquor bottles and glasses to their proper location last night. And you know you HAVE to show off the booth photos. Isn’t it funny when you think you’re just kind of drunk, then you see photos of you doing things that you didn’t think you’d do? yeah. Or so I’ve heard.

7 10 2008

Oh I was 3 sheets to the wind. No 2 ways about it. BUT BOY did we have FUNNNN.

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