Long Overdue, Friday Haikus

3 10 2008

Ode to my Scale
I am so sorry
fighting for very long
again we are friends

Ode to J.W. Dundee’s Octoberfest
You are so tasty
enjoy in moderation
woke up with headache

Ode to “Futurama: Beast with a Billion Backs”
Beer makes me talky
Melissa missed out on you
Try again later

Ode to Bailey
What is your problem
You ate my new pattern
Ignoring you, hard

Ode to the Cats
Where are you putting your food
I just fed you guys

Ode to the Lady in Front of me At Buffalo Coffee Roasters, Who CLEARLY had not Been to a Self-Serve Coffee Shop Her Entire Life, Even Though She Looked to be About Sixty
Get out of my way
Do not stand in front of urn
I need that coffee




One response

3 10 2008

You’re fun.

SB Sez: I know what you are but what am… oh wait.

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