Suttle Differences

2 10 2008

Maybe it’s because I was never really a doll kind of girl.
In fact, my parents provided me with an oft-desired (by every other little girl) Cabbage Patch Kid, of which was quickly depanted and used as a pincushion.  See, I was crafty even as a kid.

In the Sunday circulars, I always recall seeing those bisque babies (as shown above) and thinking they were wicked creepy.
This is turning out to be a great October post.
Anyway, so I’ve never liked dolls.  Ever.  I was given Barbies and instead of playing with them, I would organize the 1,000,000 accessories that came with the playsets.
Stuffed animals were another story.
But I’m getting off-track.  Imagine that.

The point of this post was/is about these creepy “perfect baby” dolls.
Does anyone else find them, like, ew?
And so the stories are that some women are obtaining these dolls to fill a void in their motherlyness, whether it’s from losing a child, empty-nesting, etc.

Now, my “sure to start WW3” question is…
What makes these little dolls different then a “Real Doll”.
If you don’t know what a “Real Doll” is, check the interwebs.  Probably not from work.  Just saying.

Right, so, the um, “adult” version fills a void.
The creepy baby version fills a void.

So it’s cool to foster your motherly instinct (however bizarre it is) but your sexual urges are a nono.




2 responses

2 10 2008

Those dolls also creep me out. But I do remember going through a real broody phase a couple years ago when I loved the doll section of Toys R Us. I think I just needed a baby to hold and squeeze. Now that a bunch of friends once again have little tiny babies, I get to hold them. And give them back. The novelty has definitely worn off for me.

As for the adult versions, all I can think of is Lars and the Real Doll. I LOVED THAT MOVIE!!

SB Sez: Right, it’s one thing to go to Toys’R’Us and hang out, it’s quite another to have an actual crib, etc. for a custom doll. I wanted to see “Lars and the Real Girl”, so I’m relieved to hear it’s good!

3 10 2008

um, scary! i wouldn’t be able to sleep with that creepy baby in my room.

as for barbies…i used to bite their feet until the “bone” protruded from the ankle. (small oral fixation, perhaps?)

i also enjoyed trying to give barbie “bangs”…it never worked, though–the bangs never stayed flat. also, curling irons don’t work on barbie hair, so don’t even go there.

we had the classic “baby feels so real” and enjoyed stretching and pulling on her to see what she was filled with. finally, i poked her arm with a pin and she began to ooze this clear gel substance. in retrospect, it was probably some highly toxic substance–it was the 80s, baby! hahahah

SB Sez: Wow, I just LOLd all over the place with that reply!

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