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2 10 2008

Dear Blog,

I need your advice.
There are so many weird people and neat things I notice while walking around on lunch.
My problem is that I don’t want the guy in the cream Members Only jacket to notice me taking a photo of him.

I’ve pretty much decided that I can’t wear my camera around my neck (uh, hello, tourist in your own town much?).  Putting it in my jacket and fumbling with the shutter button will probably look like I’m the crazy one.
So, how do I capture the vida loco that is Downtown?



2 responses

2 10 2008

Phone camera. I don’t have one, but that seems the easiest and least conspicuous route. Good luck!

SB Sez: Oy Vey! My phone’s camera is sub-par at best. I purchased my phone for it’s talking capabilities.

5 10 2008

Perhaps you could shoot him from a distance. How good is the zoom on your camera?

Or, failing that, pretend to take a photo of something interesting near Members Only Man. That way, if he gets suspicious, he may at least have some doubt as to your intentions because he was standing near a building with interesting architecture.

SB Sez: I tried out this idea over the weekend and was able to catch a mullet. So, perhaps this will work. My fear was also routed in someone liking my camera. Because that’s how DT rolls.

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