i can has october?

1 10 2008
Inspired by CyWyGy‘s Account of 31 flavorsthings we LOVRE about October

2) Sleeping with the windows open for just a few more days
3) Throwing leaves on Bailey
3/4) Cider and white powdered doughnuts
5) Pumpkin Spiced things
6) Apple spiced things
7) The daily changing scenery of the trees
8 ) Being cozy in a sweater and not needing a coat
9/10) Our annual trip to Albion/Youngstown for Pumpkin and Apple Picking
11/12) Our soon-to-be-annual trip to Penn Yan to go to The Windmill and hit up the little shops.
13) The fall version of the Antique Event
14) Planning for our Halloween Party
15) Throwing our Halloween Party
16) The smell of leaves
17) Being halfway through football season so we can focus on HOCKEY!
18) Corduroy
19) Knee boots
20) Tops in rich purples, oranges and reds
21) “Scary” Movies
22) Chili
23/24) Being able to enjoy coffee and soup again
25) Figuring out Halloween costumes
26) It’s not November
27) Remembering my spiritual (no pun intended) side
28) All the colors of mums
29) Slipper socks
30) Not feeling guilty about reading all afternoon
31) Getting back into Crafty-Mode

Do tell… brown paper packages tied up with stings?  Whiskers on kittens?  What are a few of your favorite things (about October).




6 responses

1 10 2008

ooh! how could i have forgotten corduroy?! and yummy fall scented yankee candles…

SB Sez: What is it about fall scented candles that makes us crazy? Well, crazier…

1 10 2008

Yummy Apple Cider with white powdered donuts! I also live close to Mayer Brothers Cider Mill and they have delicious Cider Slushies! I love baking apple pies, and giving them to all my family and friends. Going hiking every year at Letchworth…… The list could go on!

SB Sez: I have never had a cider slushie… I’ll have to put that on the list.

1 10 2008

I’m about to help my daughter find a fancy dress outfit for her first halloween party as a teenager! I can’t wait. I think we are going with ‘Cruella de ville’.
And YAY for slipper socks! :o)

SB Sez: Cruella?!?! AWESOME!!! ebay rules for fancy dresses… I got mine last year at a thrift shop. (I was a 3rd alternate at a pagent.)

1 10 2008

Apple Cider is a good one. Here are some others that I enjoy…

1. clementines are coming into season
2. watching parents stress out over Halloween
3. Super Dirt Week, a week of racing all around Syracuse

SB Sez: Thank you for playing along! I was starting to worry that you got lost in the fold. I love no.2 as well. I could spend an entire day in Target listening to teenagers that want to be “naughty” witches and kids that want to be superheros instead of a puppy. And no3? Um, yeah! Go Fast, Turn Left! (you know I kid)

1 10 2008

# 32, MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (the 13th)

and I should mention of course my daughter’s bday – which is TOMORROW!! I am getting ready to chow on that dinosaur cake!! YAY!

PS: October totally rocks.

SB Sez: And you get to celebrate with Columbus! Make sure not to bring the scurvy. And Happy birthday to your daughter, save me a piece of cake!

2 10 2008


I heart boots.

(and Penn Yan, of course)

SB Sez: bootsbootsbootsbootsboots!!! There is something about knee boots (even under jeans) that makes a woman feel like a woman. MEOW!

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