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30 09 2008

I’ve been holed up in the basement for the past three days trying to finish what I can of the walls as we want the stupid project done; almost three years later…
One of us is picking up a thing of Liquid Nails this evening, so hopefully I can post photos of all the hard work I’ve been doing; prime twice, base coat twice, color wash, decorative plank attachment, moulding.

I totally forgot! 
Last we checked, my diagnosis regarding my anxiety disorder was “general” meaning just that.  Now, it seems as though my doc (the real doc) has pinpointed my malaise.  I have Dysthymic disorder.  Cliffnote version: I have chronic mood issues that are still categorized as depression but my symptoms are not as severe as someone with major depression.  While my episodes are drawn out, they’re not catastrophic.
While I seem like a really upbeat, happy, nice person, I have a very cynical, demeaning side… major self-esteem issues.  The medication totally helps and finally, after years of silently dealing with (and ignoring) this problem, I feel like I am starting to live life.
Steve totally deserves a gold star for even offering to marry me while I was in Henious-Bitch-Mode.

I still feel elated at The Job.  I’ve been here for three weeks and I’ve already done more then I ever did at The Old Job.  I actually enjoy dressing up, obtaining new clothes and showing off how awesome I am.

It’s supposed to rain for the next however-long and I still do not own Wellies (Wellingtons) or Boots (non-fashion/snow boots).  While Steve’s at school tomorrow I think I’ll take a jaunt to Target and see what they have for me.  My sneakers (trainers) held up this morning but it wasn’t raining that hard. 

Oh, and with the rain comes tendon flare-ups.  fun.

Now that I’m not grazing aimlessly all day, I lost a pound.  Yes.  One Pound.  But that’s one pound less I have to carry around.  I totally need to figure out how to get back into they gym swing.  My shift has changed with The Job so while I used to get the gym at a not-busy time and I’d be finishing when everyone else was arriving, it worked out.  But now, by 7pm I am pooped and going ot the gym is the last thing on my mind.
Never thought I’d say it, but I miss going to the gym.

Bailey’s starting to talk.  And not just with her tail. 
We asked her to come up to the top of the bed with us and usually she grumbles.  A few nights ago, she made a short noise that almost sounded like, “NO!”
Another incident is when she told Steve to “STOP!” when he as trying to get her tummy.
She still purrs.
I had wicked insomnia last night (didn’t get to sleep until after 11, then I was up from 12:30 until 2…) and she knew, so she came up and slept with me.




3 responses

1 10 2008

why dontcha come on down to my house and i’ll let you go crazy painting and patching my guest room…

as for your diagnosis…keep taking your medicine–we like you happy (with a side of snarky).

your dog talks? how about a youtube clip???

SB Sez: Oh, a day at the beach and remodeling!?!?! Sign me up! I have video of her tail-talking but I’m a big Id10t and can’t figger out how to get the videos uploaded anywhere… And talking is used loosely, we know what she’s saying, but I’m pretty sure it’s not like that dog that says “I LOVE YOU!”

1 10 2008

I love your translation notes! I don’t need them here as much as you do at my place though! haha
I don’t care which side of you we see but for your sake I hope you keep feeling as well as you have lately. I can’t imagine how tough it must be for you and your loved ones but I am guessing they are an amazing support group for you. Remeber you have one here too… if you ever you need it!
Dogs do talk… I’m sure my dads dog crumbles words all of the time. I should try and record her one day and play it back at slow speed… :o)

SB Sez: MWAH!!! (that’s a kiss noise)

1 10 2008

As someone who also had to find an accurate diagnosis (in my case, Meniere’s Disease) and went a reeeallllly loooong time w/out one. I can truly appreciate the breakthrough you’ve rec’d. CONGRATS BOUNCY!!! (I have decided I like Bouncy w/out the E, BTW).

Congrats also on your New Job, too. It sounds like life is on the UP.

PS: ABout the gym, have you tried home workout videos? I did them after the girls were born, and they were really pretty fun. If you’re interested, I’ve got a few I’d be happy to send you. I chose ones w/ super models so I’d have incentive. Don’t know about you, but I would NOT MIND LOOKING LIKE ELLE MACPHERSON. Seriously.


SB Sez: Awww, thank you! I actually have a gym membership which is pretty cheap and I’m commited [to the gym, ha!] for a year so I mean, meh. Melissa and I are getting bent [yoga] tonight and I really thing once I’m done with the plastering/painting/sniffing liquid nails, I can find time. Unrelated: When I say my name, it often comes out sounding like “Stef-ne” and people often spell it “ess-tea-ee-pee-ach-en-eye-ee” so you leaving the “e” out of Bouncy doesn’t hurt. Later, we will discuss the mauling of my madien name.

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