Further Proof that Romance is not Dead. Maybe it is.

26 09 2008

I come home from a day at work with blistered toes, just missed commuter trains and jerks trying to weasel into traffic.
Opening the front door, there is a MONSTROUS Edible Arrangement on the kitchen table.  Said arrangement also had a teddy bear (I heart bears, plus, it’s a tradition thing) and a balloon.
“Holy Crap.”
“Happy Anniversary!” he says, pulling me in for a kiss.
“That is a shit-load of fruit!”
“I know, right?!”
“Okay, I am seriously slacking, so I need you not to look when I come back downstairs.”
“???  Um, okay.  Have a Sam [Adams Oktoberfest].”
A few minutes pass and I come up with a green gift bag.
“For meeeeee?!”, he asks, already digging in.  “Oh, there’s some apples…”
“Fresh from the farmer’s market!”
(rip rip rip)”Oh, Gilmour 5-disc live box set.  AWESOME.”
“Yeah, open the other one.”
“Oh, Blackbeary [sic] Wheat beer.”
“Yeah, that counts as fruit right?”
(clearly like, disappointed)”Um, yeah.  Hold on.” (procures a bag from between the chairs)
“For mmmeeeeeee? A steamer?!”
“Cool, I can like, totally make (reading box) ‘rice, vegetables, fish, some meats and poultry.’  Neat! (Honestly, the man knows me, what can I say!)  Oh you know what, that beers been sitting out for a bit, why don’t you run it into the beer fridge?”
“I’m sure it’s fine, I’ll put it up here.”
“No, for serious, I have to fit this fruit thing in the upstairs fridge, go put it downstairs please.”
(He goes into the basement)”Uh, Steph…”
“There’s something in front of the fridge.”
“Well, pick up the cat and move her.”
“No, um, it’s a wrapped box.”
“Maybe it’s a present for the beer.” I say.
“Maybe I should open it.” He says, starting to sound excited.
“Maybe you should.”  I go downstairs.
Rip rip rip.  “Oh.  Wow.  This.  This looks like fun.”  And he looks for something to open the box with because he doesn’t believe there’s a 19″ flat-screen LCD TV in the box.  “Oh.  Oh, Wow.  This.  Cool.  I can play with this!” And he starts putting it up against the wall to see where he wants to mount it.  It is clear that he is impressed.
I rock.
We go back upstairs and he tells me to look in the bag with the steamer.  There is ANOTHER box.  Inside is a Swavornski(sp?) flower pot with purple metallic flowers.  “You’re a dork, but I love you!”

Then we went to dinner (two grape martinis for me!) and dined on stuffed banana peppers and steak and CREME BRULE (sp?)!
We’re very very full. 
Waddling towards the door, I state, “We should totally take off our pants when we get home.”  (and not in a ‘YEAH SEX!’ way, but in a ‘Pants.  Restrictive.’ way)
“Have I told you lately that I love you?!”

And we were sleeping by 9pm.

I love growing old with him.




7 responses

26 09 2008

I love you.
I’m glad you had a good anniversary, and you do totally rock. you bought him electronics, woman! How can you be better than that?

26 09 2008

Sounds like you and Steve had a wonderful anniversary! You guys are too cute!

27 09 2008

oops…i was a bit early with my wishes. 🙂

29 09 2008

This was so good to read! I was soooo excited waiting for that rip, rip, rip bit! Brilliant! Happy Anniversary. (Belated…)
But hang on there a minute! haven’t you already got a huge tv! Wow! :o)

SB Sez: yes, we do have a monster TV, but this one is for our basement/bar. I’ve been holed up all weekend trying to finish painting… pictures to come when I come down from my solvent high.

1 10 2008

hehe I know what you mean. You need more ventilation. I can’t wait to see the pics!
We must get a huge tv soon! I’ll have to talk to my hubby! :o)

1 10 2008

WOW. Just WOW.

Happy Anniversary to you both.

PS: Can I say I am a bit jealous. But not audibly. That’s all.


15 12 2008
Plug for People who Don’t Know What to get People « please, stop bouncing

[…] three months ago, I posted about Steve presenting me with a steamer. Now, I’m sure a lot of you are like “steamers […]

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