25 09 2008

1) For the past two weeks, I have been looking out of the windows waiting for the elevator to take me to the lobby (hey, you try navigating marble stairs in pointy heels!).  Around noon and until around four, there has been a table set up in the square (more of a rhombus).  Could it be “Food for People”?  “Rock the Vote”?…
At lunch yesterday, Heather and I passed said table.
And then, on the opposite corner, not making much of a scene is a man with big, dark, frizzy hair holding a sign that says, “Scientology Kills”.

2) I figured White-Faced-Woman was lonely and liked to spend her time downtown, watching the new business people carve out their niche in life.
This morning she was sleeping on a bench between The Old AM&As (yes, with the sinkhole) and M&T Tower.

3) Yesterday, a co-worker and I got hustled for some change.  Bums these days are harder to reason with.  Today I did not wear my jewelry until I got into the office.




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25 09 2008

I’ll take “things I don’t miss about working downtown” for $500, Alex.

SB Sez: Oh, now we were amused by clearly-not-disabled-but-in-a-wheelchair-juggling-guy!

25 09 2008

i’m ignoring this post and cutting to the chase:


SB Sez: MWAH! (Working on that post now)

25 09 2008

I’ll trade you the scientologists for the “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West” DVD I received in the mail tonight.

I didn’t get my mail until it was dark, and felt this strange envelope. I tilted it until I could faintly see it in some ambient light and just saw “Obsession” in big letters. Here I thought it was a free Calvin Klein sample. Whoa – what a disappointment for me (and the ladies who would have been near me).

SB Sez: Repression. Jihad. Birka. WMD. Extreamists. Obession. By Islam.

1 10 2008

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!! Sorry it’s so belated Bouncey babe. I have been seriously avoiding the computer since then. But I WAS THINKING OF YOU!! and sending big happy day wishes your way of course! Off to read the rest of the saga, hope it was ggrrr8t!

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