Remembering Apple Pie

24 09 2008

Seeing as it’s Apple Season here in WNY…
*wiggly lines of The Time Machine*

… created an apple pie from scratch without a recipe.  I just though about what would taste good in my head. 
Mind you, previous attempts at cooking had turned out rather, um, disastrous.  If you ever run into my dad, mention “Care Bear Cake” and start timing a gag reflex.  (FYI: “Care Bear Cake” was sugar, eggs and milk, microwaved until it became solid and served in huge chunks.)

However, Stephanie’s Apple Pie was far, far less awful.
In fact, Stephanie’s Apple Pie would have “certainly” won an award (as per the nice old ladies running the event) at The Annual Apple Festival, had we not arrived two hours late for judging.

So Dear Reader, tell me about the time you made something without knowing what you were doing.  Don’t leave out the hilarious results either; sometimes those are better than the food itself.  Maybe someone made something potentially deadly for you… either way…




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