Two More Letters: “Dear Frank, ” and “Jerk in the Tahoe”

24 09 2008

Dear Frank,

What happened?!
We used be cool.
But you cut me.  You cut me bad.
You used to be soft and pale.  Now it’s like you’re angry; bright, almost neon, pink and so very harsh.
Maybe it’s me who has changed.  I’m not entirely blaming you, Frank. 
Perhaps, years ago, we were both different.  Maybe you were always hard and brash against my softness.  Perhaps you were always fuchsia but I never noticed, and for that, I am sorry.
But, I can’t look past how you’ve hurt me and how you’re skimping on the marshmallows.
This may be the end FrankenBerry.
I just can’t bring myself to tourture the roof of my mouth like this.
Not to mention, having to explain why I am covered in pink powder and smell like cheap strawberries.


Dear Jerk in the Tahoe (intersection of Main and HSBC Tower),

You are a jerk.
Well, see, wait, no you didn’t… I was standing at the corner of Main, trying to cross whatever dinky little street that is between Main and the Old Buffalo Medical Building.  I was just in the street a bit, standing behind the other SUV.
Up you pull, sans blinker, right up to the curb, with your front end parked DIRECTLY in front of me as illustrated in this children’s drawing of an SUV in front of a small blond woman on her way to work.

So, Jerk, explain to me WHY you had to pull DIRECTLY in front of me while I was trying to cross the street.
And explain to me WHY it was my fault that you couldn’t have parked TWO FEET BEHIND ME.




One response

24 09 2008

But look at your pretty picture. Your hair looks lovely… and yellow. :o)

SB Sez: Yeah, haven’t got the hang of MS paint…

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