I May be Reduced to Going to Spatula City

23 09 2008

(You remember the movie UHF, right?)

Thursday marks our fourth wedding anniversary.
I know, right?
Tell me about it.

So, according to the incredibly accurate internets, the “traditional” gift is fruit/flowers and the “modern” gift is appliances.
Because you know nothing celebrates your love like a new washer.
Well, maybe if you’re having sex on it.

Previous years, we’ve both gone out-of-the box.  Like for our second (cotton) I got a hot-air balloon ride for us.
Our first year (paper) we went to see Spamalot… for hich we needed a ticket…paper.

Most guys I know don’t like flowers.
Steve doesn’t eat fruit, except for apples.  And sometimes raspberries.
I was considering a bonsai, but a) it doesn’t flower b) where the hell would he put it.
Then I thought about a flowering tree for the yard.  Then I thought about how I would feel if he got me a tree.  Oh, wait, I’d be excited because it’s a natural present.  He’d most likely be disappointed.  Moreso when he’d have to install it.

The closest I’ve come is a TV for the bar area.  He’s been talking about one for thisclose to forever.  It’s not a flower.  It’s not fruit.  It’s a long shot for an appliance.  However, it does quailify as a gift.

I’m just afraid I’ll show up with a bag of apples from the farmers market and he would have resurrected the ghost of Christopher Columbus to make me a lemon martini.
Because that’s how he rolls.




One response

24 09 2008

Show me someone who can look after a bonsai! I have tried…and tried. No luck! Dies everytime. I do like them though.
Happy Anniversary! Four years! I’m up to 17 and I still don’t know what to buy my fella! He usually ends up with a bottle of wine or a new razor!

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