Chaos in the Woods

21 09 2008

Seeing as Melissa and I didn’t arrive until Friday evening, I am not really at liberty to explain what happened in the the following pictures, but Steve won’t talk about it and this is all I know.

Bailey clearly had a hard day. Like everyday.

However, she did find it in her heart to make sure our friend as okay. No, I don’t know why he is on the ground. I wasn’t there yet.

Melissa and I had the good idea to stop at Ellicottville Brewing Company for a growler (that’s a gallon of beer). Then we had the not-so-good idea of seeing if we could drink a growler in an hour.

Our Results: yes, two girls who had tacos for dinner can finish a gallon of beer in an hour.

After some additional drinking, my ‘tocks were cold and two of my friends joined in the ‘tockwarming.

Seeing as our (read: good) beer was gone, we help to float the 1/2 keg.

(Please note: As of late, I am feeling VERY unphotogenic. Nobody’s fault but mine.)

And here is Bailey, recovering from ANOTHER hard day of being cute and playing.

By this time, park ranger Stealthy McPatrolman, had paid a visit to our site. Story goes that a few cabins down, there was some underaged drinking going on and I guess we were loud. Seeing as we had like twelve people at our fire…

Finally, having run out of keg, I decide to go to bed.

Melissa had the AWESOME idea to pick up juice pouches for The Morning After. Seeing as my pouch wasn’t accepting the straw (I say pouch issue, Steve says user issue) I poked a hole and squeezed juice into my mouth.
A very curious Bees asked for the rest of my pouch and I can’t say no to a face like that.
So she takes the pouch and uses her paws to try and squeeze the pouch, like I was. She decides to paw the end of the box, ejecting the juice and licking the blanket.

Sometimes I think she’s not as stupid as she lets on.

We also had the superfun idea of bringing t-shirts for “campers” to decorate. The girls got pink and the boys got gray. Everyone made their own saying and as much as it was like “This is lame”, it sure seemed like people had a good time.
(Mine said “STEPHANIE!!! MEATLOAF!!! on the front and “You have to have a lot of goddamn VD to give a cabin boils”)

Hair of the dog later, we decide to go hiking to “The Bear Caves” which could really only house very very small bears.
Steve’s mom got good photos of me wedging myself in between rocks and obtaining a bruised/cut elbow but I haven’t gotten those photos yet.
In another seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time, we decide to scale a large rock with a 45-degree angle.

I know it’s hard to appreciate the angle, so I hope this helps.

After getting back to the cabin, Melissa’s boyfriend showed up and ceremoniously set his old work shirt onto the fire.

That green splotch is the shirt in question.
Come to find out, his work shirt was very flammable.

At this point, I felt like someone hit me in the face with a 2×4 as I have been dealing with sinus pain since Wednesday (normal occurrence this time of year) and pussed out and went to bed.
Bailey came with me as her pampered paws don’t fair well on the gravel and she was limping and whimpering.

Ends up it got very cold overnight and our wood was wet, so there wasn’t a cabin warming fire until we were ready to leave at 9:30 this morning.
A quick stop at the check-in/out cabin and we were ready to head home.



4 responses

21 09 2008

now THAT’S what i’m talking about… good friends… alcohol… and cameras to prove it really did happen… those are the kinds of parties i’m going to host someday when my gnu life begins…

SB Sez: Confusious Says “Sometimes, all things are set right by drinking excessively.”

21 09 2008

Looks like quite the fun weekend! I love camping trips! With the Bun in the oven a camping trip this year just wouldn’t be the same. Glad you got a lot of good pics. Love the one of you all warming your tushie by the fire. The one would have stayed a lot warmer if they kept their pants on! Ha ha ha!

SB Sez: It was quite a fun weekend… I ALWAYS have sinus infections this time of year though, so I’m totally not 100% fun. BOO. Oh, and my busted-up elbow hurts. A LOT.

22 09 2008

this camping stuff is getting out of hand. first dishy, now you. it looks like trouble…no wonder i’ve never been camping. 🙂

SB Sez: Wait wait wait. you’re saying that camping looks like trouble but you’ve never done it? Sheesh, I thought for sure you’d be at the forefront. Well, except for the lack of amenities, lack of warm showers, lack of properly cooked food… hmmm. However, we do this every year around this time for our friend (the pantsless one)’s birthday.

23 09 2008
Mr. Bill

Just a quick question. Were the flames always that large or did it have something to do with the tacos and beer?

SB Sez: All I know is that Mel Brooks ain’t got nuttin’ on us.

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