Day Three

17 09 2008

Well, it’s Wendsday at The New Job.
With two days of training under my belt, my trainer will be out for three weeks.
My toes have blisters (and I JUST got a pedicure) from dress shoes and while I’m good with dress pants, I am now struggling to find tops to match said pants.
I ran into an old classmate yesterday while I was parsusing the Farmers Market (Tuesday and Thursday through November) who told me that I was “working” my ensamble.
Go me!

It’s becoming increasing difficult to resist the Downtown Glutton Tempation.  Maybe it’s because I was so deprived at previous jobs of a varitey of food that I’m just excited to get back into the fray.  I packed lunch yesterday (uneatten) and today (I will make an effort).

My feet are wet enough that I’m not scared of being left on my own.  I’ve already done more here then I think I was permitted to do at the other job(s) and I feel pretty good about the progress I’ve made.  Plus, I can still listen to XM at work and I have a huge desk of which to scatter my work about on.

The commute is another potential issue.  Ye Ol’ Trailblazer doesn’t get good milage.  Granted, it’s only five more miles away, but my travel time has tripled due to everyone else needing to get into downtown.  Plus, I’m parking .75 miles away, which is great this time of year, but I’m trying to formulate a plan for when the weather turns -150 with sideways snow.
Anyone know where I can get a pair of moonboots?




5 responses

17 09 2008

sounds like things are going pretty well!!! as for the moon boots…try ebay! hee hee.

ps. what is the downtown glutton temptation??? tell me the choices?!?

SB Sez: Besides the farm fresh produce, homemade sausages and perogies and kettle corn at the famers market, there’s: greek, chinese, nicer sit down resturants (appropiate for client lunches), quicker sit-downs (like a pepper egg sandwich), a small grocery store with a salad bar, beef on weck, soups, many little deli-like places…. In fact, there’s a deli on the first floor of my building with soups, MONSTER salads, sandwiches, all fresh. I resisted temptation today and ate my PB&J and a couple oreos.

17 09 2008
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Oh, and, Melissa sent me an Edible Arrangment (that’s fruit cut and artfully arranged to look like flowers)!

17 09 2008

Could you not perhaps car-share with a co-worker?
It might take the grrr factor out of the journey, share the costs, and have some company to moan with about the traffic!
It’s great to hear how you are enjoying it.
Moon boots! What are they?
ah…are they wellingtons just a little bit funkier?

SB sez: I’m a lone driver from my direction 😦 Moon boots are the HUGE boots like in “Napolen (sp) Dynamite”. I tried to find a photo, no luck. They’re often plastic, big, clumsy, fasten with velcro and more often then not, leak. And I am so getting a pair of wellies (er, wellingtons) for the rainy commute.

18 09 2008

They had really nice boots at Target last year. They were technically snowboarding boots but, are very toasty and kept my feet nice and dry!These are not the exact ones I got last year but similar!

18 09 2008

Damn picture didn’t copy! If it doesn’t work this time just check out

SB Sez: OOOHHH, yes, I like! I would so rock those!

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