15 09 2008

I’m there for less than an hour and I already have a key to the door.
I was at The Old Job for over a year without a key, without a code, without access to accounting…

“Oh, this business card application was in my paperwork and I don’t think I get them but I filled it out anyway.”
“Everyone here gets business cards!”

And a PC, with LOGIN (I was a nomad at The Old Job for months), a branded coffee mug, a logo pin, branded note pads, my own desk, closet space, a windbreaker…

I’d been there for eight hours and already had 100% more responsibility than before.

My trainer has been there as long as I’ve been alive and she said that The Company takes care of its employees.

Do you hear that?  Are those angels?




3 responses

16 09 2008

yay! i meant to check in on you last night but got sidetracked. i wanted to see how your first day went! it sounds like it was a successs! i’m very happy for you…but will miss your rants about the old job. 😀

16 09 2008

Happy Dance!
You can’t see me but I look pretty funny dancing in my chair.

16 09 2008

Brilliant! See, part of the furniture already!

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