Potential Prize AND Proof that Bailey is a Supermodel AND Being Constructive

14 09 2008

Okay, so there is a potential prize on the line, seeing as I’ll be downtown and the bevy of um, stuff, will be ENORMOUS.
Everyone who doesn’t know me IRL is welcome to play (Sorry Melissa and Mom and Dad).
Here’s the quizzy. Steve and I went out tonight and following are some quips we exchanged.
But, where is it that we went?!!
Out of everyone who guesses right, I’ll pick one and send something. Value TBD, but the bragging rights will probably be worth more.
Post your guess in the comment section.
Let the game begin!
Hint 1)
him: you know, now would be his opportunity to shoot him.
me: Steven! A mime is a terrible thing to waste!

Hint 2)
me, thick: I don’t think we dropped enough acid beforehand (note: we’d never drop acid, freaking out is not in our book)
him: That or there’s some bad acid going around.

Hint 3)
me: You totally have to find the South Park episode where they [did what we’re doing]

And go!

Our Beases is a pretty, gorgeous girl.
Shining fur, happy eyes, great disposition…
However, she is a bit dull.

While Steve helped me bring in the groceries, he also decided to “trap” Bailey with the grocery bags.

Finally, her brain gives up and she decides to wait it out.

Why yes, that is a festive fall scarf she’s wearing. Why yes, I did sew it myself. Thanks for noticing!

And here she is carrying a snake that is wrapped around her neck. Because you know, it needs carrying.

Also, Kali pulled me aside and let me know that she doesn’t get enough mention on stopbouncing.

That’s Puffy Buffy on the left and K-bird on the right.
(I’d like to mention that we do not live in squalor, it’s that EVERYONE decides to throw up on the only colored carpet in the house and NUMEROUS steam cleanings and spot cleanings later, nothing gets up pet vomit. The flash makes it worse.)


Finally, we went out for a friends b-day last night and we got in late.
Seeing as neither one of us had to drive, well, we indulged.
This morning I wake up and realize what I did while this side of conscious.
me, laughing: Holy shit, I gave Buffy a bath last night!
him: What?
me, hysterical: Seriously, I gave Buff a bath last night!
him: when!?
me: right before bed!  I soaped her up and rinsed her off and wrapped her in a towel and brought her to bed!
him: Last night?
me: yeah!  Who says that people aren’t constructive when they’re drunk?!




2 responses

15 09 2008

It’s not fair that I can’t play.

Granted, I already knew the plans so I suppose it wouldn’t really be fair for everyone else.

And I get prizes all the time. So there.

15 09 2008

ahhh, the pressure!!!! okay, i’m on it…

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