The Transformation is Nearly Complete!

12 09 2008

Dear Internets,
Can I tell you how FANTASTIC the past two days have been?!
It’s like, amazing!  I really wish I could put into words my feelings and emotions and my overall complete change of attitude.
It’s almost like I’ve broken out of a shell.  Weird I tells ya.  Not complaining but I just haven’t been this content in a long time.

In other news, in preparation for The New Job, I took one last swing around the mall.  Following Steve’s advice (even when he’s “sloppy” he’s not ratty, unlike his wife), I used the mannequins as an example.  There was an adorable fall colored plaid jacket which I did not buy; I didn’t want to bank on finding plain chocolat pants and an orange top.  Yes, the I checked, and the store I was in didn’t carry any “moderate” pants in my size and all the tops were HUGE.
So I settled on these:

$29.99 (down from $49.99) plus an extra 20% off because I donated clothes to charity.
Woo hoo!

Then I got sucked in by the bored looking stylist at Ulta and got a haircut.  I needed one anyway.  There would be a photo, but I got sucked in by that Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser (ew, I know) and $5 coupon, so I actually have no make-up on at this point, so I’ll save you the pain.

When I got home, I pulled everything out of my closet, packed the “very summery” items, pulled out the cardigans and hung all my dress pants.
Come to find out, I have 5 pairs grey, three black, two green and 1 brown.  Guess I wasn’t in too bad of shape.

My items came in from Kohl’s, so I have my weapon sized tote bag and more trouser socks…. I think I am all set for Monday.



2 responses

12 09 2008
that girl

Cute shoes! I’m looking for some new black shoes myself. Are they part of the loot from Kohl’s?

Just curious, what are “moderate” pants? 🙂

SB Sez: The shoes came from Bon-Ton. “Moderate” pants are ones that are like, not wicked cheap, but not like Jones NY or any of the other “designer” brands.

13 09 2008

Love those shoes! I need a haircut, can’t wait to see what yours looks like!

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