New Job Excitement: One of Many

8 09 2008

Well, this is it.
My last week here.
My emotions?  Well, they’re varied.

I am excited.  This is a huge opportunity for me.  Not to sound all, whatever, but no one at this job knows me.  I am not entering with any precedence.  My path will be forged by my actions.

I am nervous.  It’s been a while since I’ve been in a “real” office.  I know I have the skills to pay the bills, but I am nervous that I will look silly.  Not like messing things up, but actually looking silly.  Perhaps I shouldn’t wear the clown suit the first day.  What will I do when my tendon flares up, like it is now… I’m pretty sure my ace bandage doesn’t fit in my pointy-toed shoes or knee boots.

I am another kind of nervous.  Do they have a coffee pot?  What about a fridge?  A microwave?  (no, seriously, I worked at an office where they didn’t have a microwave)  Maybe everyone eats out every day.  How long will it take me to get from the lot on one side of downtown to the office?  (Downtown Buffalo isn’t that big… You can walk one end to the other in about 10-15 minutes… tops)  What about in winter?  I have at least forty people’s names to learn…

I am agitated.  I could be doing so much more right now… I mean, I know two weeks is the norm and two weeks doesn’t burn bridges…  half of me is “You NEVER look out for you when you’re at a job!  You always try to do what’s best for the company.”  the other half of me is “Get the most out of your Koi Sketchers while you can.  Enjoy not having paperwork piled up to your nose.”
I’d almost prefer paperwork because then the day would go so much faster.

Oh, and the PMS sleeping/deep dreaming have started back up… B-6 where are you?!?



One response

8 09 2008

yay! i’m so excited for you. i’m sure you’ll be the office superstar in no time flat!

think of all the new fodder you’ll have for your blog. opportunity abounds.

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