Disturbing Promotional Items

5 09 2008

In what could potentially be my last mail-sorting day (provided Co-Worker is in all next week), The Boss decides to re-shift through the mail, you know, in case I’m too stupid to know what a check looks like.
The nice people at “Apple and Chocolate Company” (they don’t use “The” in their name, nor will I) sent us a “Business Gifts” catalog, which is actually chock-full of cute construction/workplace themed food goodies.
(On an related/unrelated note: I am planning on making cupcakes for the first day at The New Job.  This ensures that people will have to come and talk to me.  The cupcakes will be decorated with a construction theme of which I have not decided/determined/even-seen-outside-of-my-brain-yet.)
I’m flipping through the book and I’m like, ohhh, this is cute

Chocolate Rebar!
Oh, and little construction chocolates!

Then I get to this…

A chocolate mop?!
Don’t put that in your mouth!  You don’t know where that’s been!
And let’s not even discuss the problems these pieces raise.

(this was supposed to be a “commode” but apparently it’s not on the site anymore.)

Do tell, what disturbing or unnecessary promotional items have you been subjected to?




2 responses

5 09 2008

I can’t think of any off hand but I must admit I rather love these! Especially the little pallet ones! How great are they! I’ve no doubt, if I delve a little deeper I may think of something…

5 09 2008

um, well…to be honest, until now i never knew stuff like that was available. but now i’m off to buy myself some chocolate plungers. i can’t survive a minute more without them.

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