Spill Your Quirk (just don’t forget to wipe it up) (and rinse the sponge)

4 09 2008

MentalFloss.com is quickly becoming my newest vice…
I found this article today in which readers explored their nuances, quirks, as it may be.
Many of these probably are a bit OCD-ish.

Tell me, tell me, what are your quirks!  I need normality restored!
Here’s a list of off-the-top-of-my-head-quirks I possess.  The meds have helped and those diminished quirks are denoted with NOCD.

  • Skittles, M&Ms, Smarties, basically anything that does not come three-or-less-per package, will be dumped and sorted.  Depending on my mood, I will either eat all of one color at a time or I will sequence the colors as to best use the available spectrum.  Flavored candies can only be eaten in like-color mouthfuls or acceptable combonations (such as grape and lemon, not such as lemon and strawberry)
  • I will drive back home if I think I forgot to close the garage door.  There were times when I would be halfway to work.  Now the furthest I’ve gone is the end of the street.  I have to tell myself that I am closing the garage door and the paranoia leaves. NOCD
  • All the doors had to be locked and pulled on to ensure security before bed.  I used to make sure the windows were open just enough and always used those little bumpers.  If I was going out, the windows had to be locked.  Melissa can attest to the fact that I locked my windows before I winterized them.  NOCD
  • Hair caught in the drain cover gets swirled around by finger prior to removal.  Yes, even if it is already in a ball.
  • Vehicle doors had to be checked.  And checked. NOCD
  • The dish sponge must not be left in the sink, it needs to go on the dish rack.
  • Everybody gets petted in the morning.
  • Order of the morning: log-in, start XM, check news (if I didn’t hear it in the shower), sort paperwork/prioritize.
  • If I decide on an outfit the night before, I often will not wear it.
  • What is the logic of folding underpants? I cannot wear unbunched underpants.
  • Channel surfing starts at 200.  Because I may have missed something on ESPN even though I hate sports. NOCD
  • Items that are increasing in shape (like nesting Pyrex or measuring cups) must be ordered from smallest to largest.
  • Items need to be in the EXACT place that they were before.  Someone was at my desk when I was on vaca because the post-its were not stacked properly and everything was in the pencil cup.  Steve does not put the tortilla warmer above the microwave when he empties the dishwasher and I freak on Taco Tuesday.



8 responses

4 09 2008

I can’t believe you chose today to write this because I actually had a conversation with myself (it was in my head, not out loud, I’m not THAT crazy) last night on the way home from my sister’s house about how neurotic I am.


When I am the first person in line at a red light, turning right, and there is a ‘no right on red’ sign, I automatically begin to think of how I will respond to a horn being honked at me as I wait for the light to change. I consider the finger, I consider sticking my arm out the window and pointing to the sign…

I know it is insane, but I seriously cannot help it, it happens every time I am at that intersection. And I should tell you that I’ve never been beeped at there, so why I’m so paranoid about it… And the entire time I’m thinking of these possible scenarios I am telling myself to stop and then ignoring myself. I’m nuts, right?

I also:
* cannot sleep without the background noise of a fan when I’m in my own bedroom – everywhere else, I’m fine.
* find myself repeating words in my head that I’ve just heard. Repeating them, over and over again, to the point where I can’t even remember what I’ve been watching on TV because I’ve been obsessing over words.

Oh god, I need a therapist.

Sweet baby jebbus, I am so glad that I am not the only one who converses inside my head. it’s one of those things that you are pretty sure other people do, but would feel silly asking. *swak!* Repeating words? That’s a new one… is it just “new” words or words that are ringing like “society”?

4 09 2008

Okay, why I am word vomiting and oversharing so much today?

Because we’re friends.

4 09 2008

whenever i use a curling iron or flat iron, when i unplug either i have to say, “curling/flat iron unplugged.’ this helps me remember later, as i’m driving to work, that i unplugged them and they won’t burn the house down.

sometimes i use my house key to make a small scratch (no blood or anything!) on my arm after i lock the door so later i see the little red mark and remember the door is locked and don’t spend my day second guessing myself.

also, i try to make my bed every morning–but on the off chance that i don’t, i acutally make my bed at night, before getting into it. i can’t help myself.

i come from a long line of ocd-ers…and could go on and on. but i’ll stop here so i don’t scare you.

A number of people in the article mentioned the need to announce their actions in order to stop obsessing about them. I tried that with the garage door, but I need the visual. The scratching thing, um, okay, that’s a first… and you can’t scare me! (unless you eat all your skittles at once)

5 09 2008

It’s any word that my brain decides it likes.

Oh, and I forgot to mention: I have to S-P-E-L-L the word in my head. Not just repeat it. Repeat the word, Spell it, Repeat the word, Spell it.

You are so totally my partner on “The World Series of Spelling Bees”

5 09 2008

You’ve all made me feel much better about myself.

I might almost be deluded into thinking I am practically normal (although of course we know there’s no such thing, except for the town in Illinois, but since I haven’t been there I can’t be certain).

However, in the spirit of compulsory blurting, I offer this: when I’m driving through a tunnel, I switch the auxiliary lights on as I was taught (enough to make the car visible but not enough to blind or distract others), but in order to remember to turn them off (or back on if it’s nighttime), I must sing/chant the “My LIGHTS are on, my LIGHTS are on” ditty.

And to what tune does the Light Ditty sound like?

5 09 2008

It sounds like a crazy person chanting. Ditty, I realize now, was a subconscious effort to euphemize the behavior.

Oh, I see what you did there.

5 09 2008

Hey Bouncy! Nice place ya got here. Though I must say you & Curly are Craaaazzzzyyy w/ this stuff. Self-mutilation for locking the door. WHoo-Hooo. (Making crazy finger motion next to my head). Sorry babes. Had to be said. Though in honesty I have left my house ALL DAY w/ the front door not just unlocked but WIDE OPEN. So who the HELL AM I TO TALK.

Only 1 compulsion is coming to me at the moment. Our bedroom windows look out to our neighbors 3rd floor – directly. I don’t know if they can see in or not, but as our block is very close-knit, I don’t really feel like giving a peepshow. So I make a point of hovering in the “wings” of an adjacent room when I am dressing. I am also paranoid about making sure the curtains are shut at night – or if we are being amorous. AND I also tilt the bathroom door half-shut when I use the toilet — even though our bathroom is in the verrry back of the house – I can still see the window when I am sitting on the potty, and I always wonder whether someone is looking back. I wear glasses, you see – my vision is not so good – so I just don’t know.

Oh well. Guess I am bonkers too.

PS: Thanks for your cute comments. Pls feel free to call me Buttercup anytime. Robin Wright is GORGEOUS!

Ah, I am the total opposite. I’m quite the jaybird, even though I probably should not be… thank goodness we have a park in the backyard and no windows on the sides of the house… thanks for stopping by and so totally glad I didn’t offend. yet.

9 09 2008

Hah! I think I got it from my mom. The first time I nursed my older daughter at home – literally, we’d just gotten home from the hospital. My mom was over – she made me go BACK INTO THE BEDROOM, then she shut every curtain and turned out the lights. I kid you not. We lived in an apt at the time, the only thing that could have even seen me were TREES> Crazy.

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